I think I spend too much

At the grocery store!  I did hit up good old wally world today, but I also threw away like a trash bag full of expired stuff when I came home.  I HATE that, but it's unavoidable in my house apparently.

So here is my fridge.

Pretty standard although stainless sucks because you can't put cool magnets on the front!

I guess it's just a party on the side :)

The freezer.

I usually don't eat a lot of frozen food, but on days I have school I am starving by the time I get home and just want something fast and easy.

See the bag of frozen veggies?  LOVE THESE! Pop them in the microwave and your good to go.  I tried doing fresh and they ALWAYS went bad before I finished them.  Honestly these taste better and are pretty much just as healthy because they are flash frozen.


Have to have my fruit! 2 boxes of strawberries, 2 cantaloupes, and a box of grapes will last about 3 days in my house.  My awesome fruit dip ( Marshmallow jet-puffed, low fat cream cheese, Low sugar Raspberry preserve) I eat like 3 plates of this everyday :) Miss M chows down on this all day too.

My favorite tea, I go though about 3 a week.

The door.  Hmmm I seem to have a ton of dressing, yet rarely eat salad at home. Weird.

So I noticed today that I have some weird obsession with buying butter.  I threw away 2 that were old and I still have like 5 more! WTH? I never even use butter!

So that's what's in my fridge!  Hop on over to Katie's blog to check out some more!


  1. You have a healthy fridge sister!

  2. Wow, girl you are stocked. I love how organized it looks. My fridge looks awful I am too embarrassed to share.

  3. Wow, girl you are stocked. I love how organized it looks. My fridge looks awful I am too embarrassed to share.

  4. I love: I can't believe it's not butter! Don't feel bad, we throw away a lot of food at my house too. I'm not sure why because we eat a lot around here! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm a new follower :)

  5. I think we have the same fridge. I hate SS because of the magnet thing..and because of the finger prints!

    I love the frozen veggies..we do those every night!

  6. I am so going to do this...saw it on Katie's and just think it's interesting! Great idea for a post! I've got a ton of frozen Smart Ones too! :)

  7. lol that's so funny! that's a lot of butter! and i totally see the magnet that i sent you! yay! i'm so glad you still have it!! man...this reminds me that i have to go grocery shopping!

  8. I always throw away food before grocery shopping. That way I'm not buying duplicates of what I already have. I make my list and go through my pantry/fridge and look for expired dates or things I'm running low on. But in your fridge I spy my favorite...Diet Dr. Pepper. LOL!!! XOXO

  9. Can you pass along the marshmellow fruit dip, purdy please!


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