Before and Afters on my hair

Update to my hair dilemma! 



I went with the 'Kelly Clarkson' hair color and a bob with a slight angle so I don't get chubby face.  I also got poor girls botox (bangs) and I'm lovin' it!  All thanks to my awesome stylist Ashley!!

I also came across this easy salad and it's really yummy!

Tomato, mozzarella (the expensive kind or else it tastes like rubber), basil, olive olive, salt and pepper.  Very tasty :)


  1. Oh, Mamma Mia! You are looking good :) If I wasn't trying to grow my hair back out, I'd run to the salon with your picture and copy you. Does that sound stalkerish?

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog via Keelie's! And, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I actually have carried around a ripped picture from a magazine of this haircut and color on Kelly C. but just haven't been brave enough to do yet.

    You look fantastic - and I just may have to be a little bold and go for it! Cute, cute, cute!

  3. WOW! love your hair!!! i wish i could have bangs but my face would look like it goes on FOREVER! =)

  4. Your hair looks great!!

    P.S. Paul's sunglasses are Baby Banz, and I got them on Amazon. I highly recommend them, he kept them on his face the whole week at the beach!

  5. Your hair looks AWESOME !!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. OH my goodness, sooo cute! I love it! Tomato mozzarella can we say yum!

  7. Your hair looks beautiful! I love the dark/light contrasts. Very nice. How does hubby like it?

  8. Love the hair! and that salad sounds yummy!

  9. Love the hair!!! You look fabulous!!! XOXO

  10. Love your hair! Im also going to have that tomatoe thingy for lunch now :)


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