I think I spend too much

At the grocery store!  I did hit up good old wally world today, but I also threw away like a trash bag full of expired stuff when I came home.  I HATE that, but it's unavoidable in my house apparently.

So here is my fridge.

Pretty standard although stainless sucks because you can't put cool magnets on the front!

I guess it's just a party on the side :)

The freezer.

I usually don't eat a lot of frozen food, but on days I have school I am starving by the time I get home and just want something fast and easy.

See the bag of frozen veggies?  LOVE THESE! Pop them in the microwave and your good to go.  I tried doing fresh and they ALWAYS went bad before I finished them.  Honestly these taste better and are pretty much just as healthy because they are flash frozen.


Have to have my fruit! 2 boxes of strawberries, 2 cantaloupes, and a box of grapes will last about 3 days in my house.  My awesome fruit dip ( Marshmallow jet-puffed, low fat cream cheese, Low sugar Raspberry preserve) I eat like 3 plates of this everyday :) Miss M chows down on this all day too.

My favorite tea, I go though about 3 a week.

The door.  Hmmm I seem to have a ton of dressing, yet rarely eat salad at home. Weird.

So I noticed today that I have some weird obsession with buying butter.  I threw away 2 that were old and I still have like 5 more! WTH? I never even use butter!

So that's what's in my fridge!  Hop on over to Katie's blog to check out some more!

A good laugh!

This is why people have kids :)


I'm back!

Oops, I may have forgot to mention that I left :) Sorry about that!  I took Miss Madison to Maryland to visit family and I DIDN'T HAVE ANY INTERNET! Argh, do you know what it's like to go a week with no internet???? Actually, it wasn't that bad.  I was too busy dealing with the kid to worry about it.  The flight there was awful, Miss M was hyper and refused to sleep and the airline stewardess were total B*tches.  I swear I was really really close to telling one of them off, but I kept my cool.  I was rewarded for my good behavior because on the the flight back I had an ENTIRE row to myself~Score!! 

We checked out Boyds Bears which is kinda like Build-a-Bear on steroids.

They had so much cool stuff that I couldn't fit in my suitcase :(

Of course Miss M had a great time and made a kitty.

How adorable is this 'tutu cute' outfit?  They just opened a Crazy8 clothing store in Dallas and I'm lovin' it! They have the most adorable zebra jacket that she needs!!

Everyday she met new aunts and cousins.  This is her 'I'm invisible you can't see me' move.

Nope still can't see me.

Fine I will just cross my arms and act mad.

For real though she was pretty good considering everytime she took a nap and woke up she was somewhere new.

OMG!!! I totally have found a new (to me) store! The Christmas Tree Shop! Have you been here?? I am so in love I could have shopped for hours if only I had brought an extra empty suitcase.  I hear they are opening one in Dallas, but my internet is wonking out on me right now so I can't look.  I will just die if they do :)

On a sad note Mr. Kitty did not make it.  He died while I was away and we are all very sad, but I'm glad we gave him a good home during his last few days of life.  My Hubs took it pretty hard so I'm thinking no more kitty's for a while.


Wait for it on DVD

OK so after all the hype about this movie from women and blogs everywhere I begged my Hubs to come get the baby so I could finally go see a movie.  Big waste of a favor!  I didn't read the book, but it must have been good for them to go make a movie about it.  I love me some JR, but this movie was slooooooow and long.  Do you ever sit in a theater and wish the movie would hurry up and end?  That's how I felt.  I think this is one that is better rented from Redbox so you can take breaks in between the drama.  It needed some more lighthearted moments. Really disappointed, plus I got really hungry watching her eat all that yummy food in Italy.

Before the movie we headed to the mall where I spent 30 minutes at Gymboree picking out cute outfits only to get to the register and realize the coupon starts NEXT week. Bummer.  We went over to the dessert shop across the way and Miss M loved the big bean bag and didn't want to leave.  I so need one of those at home!

I get to keep the kitty!  Took him to the vet and nothing nasty going on, plus him and Miss M have become BFF.  We named him Mr. Kitty because our other cat is Miss Kitty, well Mrs. Kitty now :)  Super affectionate!!

So what are my big plans after spending the last 5 weeks doing Calculus?  Yeah, cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. Fun.


A day in the life of me

I thought it would be fun to document a day in my life.  Things change so fast and I like to go back a remember when....

Alarm goes off at 5:10am.  It's not my alarm, but my husbands yet somehow I can never manage to sleep through it.  I think it's because I know if I don't get up before the baby I will not start the day off right.  When I hear him turn off the shower I roll out of bed and head to the kitchen.

Coffee is my friend.  I'm a reformed Starbucks addict, but I love to make it at home.   I usually have 2 cups and sip it while I check my email and blogger.  This is the best time of the day for me.  Nice and quiet, for a short time that is!

6:30am I hear the scream.  I let Oliver go and get her from her room while I get her a sippy of milk and breakfast.  What she eats varies, sometimes a toddler cereal bar or a bowl of my cereal.  In the highchair she goes to eat and watch Sesame Street.  She's always so excited when I turn it on and she starts dancing around.  I use this time to finish my coffee, ok really to finish catching up on blogs :)  It's addicting!  I let her down to run around while I shower and get all prettied up for my day.  Oma shows up around 7:10 to babysit and I head out the door after some sweet baby kisses.

Class starts at 8 and it's 2 looooong hours.  It's really not the 2 hours that is rough, but the math part.  I love summer classes because the parking lot is empty and I can park up front instead of 2 miles away!

After class I am usually STARVING.  Todays meal is a reduced-fat peanut butter sandwich and Laughing Cow cheese with wheat-thins.  I eat PB lots during the summer because it's the only thing that won't melt in my car!  After my brunch I head back in to the tutoring center for a 2 hour homework session.  I have to do my work at school because it's too hard at home with all the distractions.  Around 12:30 my brain starts to give out and I can't even add the numbers up right. Time to go.

I head to the gym for a little stress relief!  After sitting for 5 hours I'm ready to sweat a little and burn some calories, in the air conditioning of course :)  I work out for a little over an hour and then head home to see my sweet, sassy baby girl.

I pretty much spend the next few hours before Oliver gets home entertaining Miss M.  I can do some cleaning like vacuuming, but not dishes.  She's a little picky with what she will let me do :)  We play with her dolls, read books, and then try to take a little nap around 3:30ish.  While she naps I relax and watch one of 'my' shows.  There are unspoken rules in the house about which shows I can watch without him.  They do not include Jersey Shore, Project Runway, Design Star (which sucks this season), and Teen Mom.  I've got him hooked on the reality TV!!

After Miss M's short nap she's usually a little cranky and pretty much drives my nuts.  These are the times I wish she could talk and tell me what she wants.  She points to a sippy then throws it when I give it to her, she will act hungry then refuse to get in her chair. Worst hour of the day.  I start dinner and pray Oliver gets home fast.

He's home!! Yea! Now I can pawn the crazy off on him while I finish dinner.  Extra bonus: Aunt Katie shows up to babysit.  I love living close to free babysitting....I mean family.  Around 5:15pm we all sit down to dinner and Katie actually eats the 'healthy' meal I cooked.  Well not the veggies, but the chicken which is a huge improvement for her.  

Katie and Miss M play on my bed while listening to music.  Oliver and I are going to play soccer with some friends tonight.  I plan to kick his a**!  While I'm changing I hear Oliver giving Katie specific instruction on how to put Miss M to bed.  Funny that he's 'that' parent while I'm not sweating it.  As long as my kid is in one piece when I get back I'm good.

We get home from soccer around 9:45p.  Madison is sleeping and the house is still in one piece. It's been a good day.

*** ps If anyone wants to play along and write about one of their days let me know so I can read it :)
****pss I totally kicked oliver's a$$!


I'm in trouble

I brought this home.  My Mom found it in a tree and it had nowhere to go!

My husband is NOT happy.

Miss Madison on the other hand shared her drink....

and gave it big kisses. So cute!

Hopefully I get to keep her :) We will see....


Top 2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday which is Top 2 Day or in my world, Exam 4 of Calculus. Ugh. 

Skip on over and check out Tay for other tips!

My 2 tips are weight-loss related because I'm all about it right now.

Tip 1:

Switch it up!  I get easily bored at the gym. 20 minutes running, 20 minutes on legs, 20 minutes on arms, blah blah blah!  Interval training is the way to get a great heart pumping workout and make the time fly.  Also weight training is the best way to make your body work for you on your off days.  If you click on the links they take you to my favorite online resource Trainer Momma, she breaks it down for ya!

Tip 2:

Count your calories.  I know it sucks and I dread doing it, but seriously it works.  Now because I suck at it what I do is write down everything I eat for 1 week so I have an idea what I'm sitting at.  Like yesterday I only ate 1570 and burned 995 working out.  That's not enough for my body to run on so in the end my body holds on to my weight and I've done all that sweating for nothing.  Now I know and can adjust my eating and get back on track.  Wonder why the weight is not coming off?  This will tell you :)

Hope you enjoyed my tips!

Miss Madison says hi...
and don't forget to drink your milk :)


Before and Afters on my hair

Update to my hair dilemma! 



I went with the 'Kelly Clarkson' hair color and a bob with a slight angle so I don't get chubby face.  I also got poor girls botox (bangs) and I'm lovin' it!  All thanks to my awesome stylist Ashley!!

I also came across this easy salad and it's really yummy!

Tomato, mozzarella (the expensive kind or else it tastes like rubber), basil, olive olive, salt and pepper.  Very tasty :)


It was pretty rough

My husband FINALLY gave in and let me get Miss M's ears done!
I had a really sweet reader send me an email with a list of reasons why you should get them done early.  I deleted the email so I'm sending out a big THANK YOU to her!  What finally put him on my side was showing him a few pics of her looking, well, like a BOY.  The earring are so cute and feminine!

So here's how it went down.

She woke up in a crappy mood and was cranky most of the day.

I figured cranky or not we were getting it done.  She's going to cry either way.  If you live in DFW I HIGHLY recommend La Lobe, they specialize in babies and she is very fast!  It's pretty pricey, ummm don't tell my Husband, but totally worth it.  Oh and make an appointment they are CRAZY busy!

I knew it was not a good sign when Miss M FREAKED out after the lady marked her ears with a marker. 

Trying to distract her.  It worked until I had to hold her against my chest.  I'm pretty sure she hated that more than a needle in her ear.

What else besides chocolate ice cream can make you feel better?

All's forgiven!  Boy this girl's a cutie with those big Angelina Jolie lips and blinged out ears!  So far she hasn't played with them she fussed a little when I turned them, but other than that we are good.


For all you fluffy gals

Over at one of my favorite blogs Real Fat,  Keelie is having a blog party about Fashion Rules for Fluffy Gals.  How could I not join in??

Rule 5 & 7

Cinched at the waist, which is my smallest area.  I also bought this at Target in the 'skinny girls' area.  My best advice is to try things on!  Don't be lazy because you never know what will look great!  I didn't think this would and the items I thought would rock looked like poo.

My own rule :)
Shoes shoes shoes shoes. Enough said.

Rule 1 & 6

Wear some color and cute jewelry!  Run out to Sam Moon and get you some accessories to match every outfit, it's cheap.  Oh and please take pictures of yourself in different colors so you know what is flattering with your coloring.  Mine is purple and blue although i do love me some PINK. (AND NOT Victoria Secrets, she's pretty clueless about making bras for chesty girls.)

Rule 2

I'm not big on Spanx mostly because I pee a lot (I know TMI) and it's a pain to get on and off, but I do have 2 of these tummy control tanks.  Love 'em because I can layer without adding bulk!

Don't you just love my rhinestone gladiator sandals?  I'm telling you I can't get enough bling!

Keelie's best advice was (in my opinion)
* get you a badass bra* if you live in DFW check out The Maddox Shop they will fit you and carry everything!  So much better than Lane Bryant although I love their patterns.
*wear clothes that fit* Nothing worse than a fluffy gal with clothes 2 sizes too small.



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