Weight Loss Update!

I'm sooooo close to pre baby weight! I have like 4 pounds left and I'm so excited!  Sorry if I look a little sweaty I just came back from bootcamp and it's like 100 degrees out here.  I have been doing really well with my eating, watching my portion sizes mostly.  I've had to cut back my working out to just 3 days a week because of freaking Calculus class.  I try to burn between 800 and 1000 calories on those days though.  I love my heart rate monitor because when I feel like quitting I look down and only see 400 calories and I'm think to myself, that's not even lunch! 

Yeah I still have a ways to go to goal weight, but I'm feeling really good!  You should check out the muscle in my legs, I could kick some A**!  I really wish my boobs would get smaller, geez.  I'm not doing WW anymore I just felt like I was motivated enough on my own and didn't need to go to meetings.  I think I weigh myself too much because every morning Miss Madison goes in there and weighs herself too :)

Look Miss Madi is getting some hair!  I'm stocked on little rubberbands so that I'm ready for the day I can give her some pigtails! It may be a while though.

Are you guys excited for the return of Project Runway and Jersey Shore? I am!!! PR looks like it's gonna be a good one this time and I'm addicted to these crazy Jersey people, I'm also watching Jerseylicious.  I know I know, too much TV.  Funny story a lady at bootcamp was like 'the Rangers were down 2 when I left'  I just stared at her blankly until I realized she was talking about baseball.  I told her 'oh I don't watch that, but I was watching Housewives of NJ before I came!'  I don't think we will become friends :)  She looked at me like I was crazy.


  1. Congratulations Megan you look great!!! You should be very proud of yourself. :) I love reality tv too, but have never seen a Jersey episode. Yea, I must not be a die hard reality fan I guess.

  2. Congratulations! That is amazing that you have the dedication to do it.


  3. You go girl! Ahh I can’t even imagine doing boot camp in this Texas heat. I’ve been taking my butt to the gym where it’s nice and air conditioned. I weigh in at WW tomorrow morning. Decided not to go to Canton so I don’t miss my meeting. I wish I was as dedicated as you but when I miss meetings I fall off the wagon. Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow (I think it’s tomorrow).

  4. You know you're looking and feeling great when you can do a whole body post! You've worked so hard for this, and you deserve it and look fantastic!
    Good luck with your sick thumb.
    Call me when you get out. I'll be leaving the house at 6:15 to get to the party bus. I wish it wouldn't be so hot, Madi could have came with me! Well, maybe not! Mom

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  6. you are amazing and my inspiration! I am so proud of you and I have never even met you! Keep up the terrific work!

  7. You go girl! You look fantastic!

  8. congratulations! i'll be following your weight loss success as soon as i'm recovered from birth :)

  9. whoop whoop!! way to go ladycakes! you look great!! and i love jersey shore and rhnj!! i just watched jerseylicious for the first time tonight...crazy! i don't think i'd get my hair done there! lol!

  10. You look great!

    My daughter has some hair, finally but will not let me close to her with rubberbands, she barely keeps in headbands or lets me place a hat on her head... :(

    I just wanted to let you know I have an award waiting for you at my blog. Enjoy! ^_^

  11. Congratulations! It sounds like are super motivated. I have been debating on getting a heart rate monitor, for the same reason. I think it will motivate me during the day if I know exactly how many calories I burned. Which one do you have? There are so many on the market.

    Now, why would you wish for smaller boobs...please send them to me!


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