Lessons and haters

So I learned a few things on my lovely vacation.  One is that if you are flying with a 15 month old....get a freaking direct flight! 2 planes+2 hour drive=not so happy baby.  The second is to get her a room of her own.  When she is sleeping in a pack and play right by your bed and see's you sleeping there at 430 in the morning she may have a tendency to let out an ear piercing Indian yell to get your attention.  Try being woken up to that everyday.

One of the best things about coming home is a DVR full of all your favorite shows!  I have to tell you that if you are not watching Bethanny Getting Married you are so missing out.

I love this show! Her wedding was so perfect and beautiful, I even cried at their wedding vows.  She cracks me up and is so honest about everything.  I can't even be a hater about her being back to her normal size like the day after she gave birth :)  Unlike Giselle.

This is her like MAYBE 3 months after. I wish I had 'muscle memory' like that! Now I am being a hater, :)


  1. I think you are stunning! stop hating on your body.. at least it's not mine! LOL

  2. ugh. gisele. whatev. LOVE bethenney getting married! she cracks me UP! and i love madi's outfit. stylin' and profilin'!!!

  3. ughh those ladies sickin me ..lol!Who gets that small after a baby that quick. Not me!

    Madison has such a spunky additude.. wonder where she gets it ;)

  4. I love Bethenny! I met her and her husband awhile back. Did you see the episode where she was at the liqour store? I was there! I love Jason! I cried watching the wedding too!

  5. Glad you had fun on vacay! How did your husband do on the flight after his hypnosis?

    I LOVEd Bethenny's wedding too! I am a sucker for red weddings so I was dying. She looked so beautiful and I cried during her vows too. Isn't Jason the best?

  6. ha ha! love it! i am a hater too :)

  7. Hehe, why are models so perfect? I think their kids are even perfect...

    Miss Madison looks stunning in her outfit...how come she's got more style than me?

  8. I learned the same things with our baby boy. he needs a room of his own! direct flights are a blessing too. too, hope we can do that when we fly abroad. i'll check out the tv show and one more thing, like gisele, I'm Brazilian. Unlike her, I'm the real deal :)

  9. oh man, i feel your pain! we just went on vacay and had ALL 3 kids in the same room as us!! CRAZY!!! and i love bethenny! she cracks me up!!!

  10. Love Bethany’s show! Can’t wait to see this weeks episode with all the honeymoon hoopla. I cried during her wedding too! Do you watch Big Brother? Another one of my faves and tonight is going to be a big night.

    Anyhoo hope you and your little one are having a wonderful week!

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  11. Love Bethanny! I totally get the pack n play thing, our daughter did that on our vacation so we never got to sleep in or anything it was annoying

  12. Megan, we'd all look so good after childbirth if we had makeup artists, a bazillion dollars for personal trainers, and airbrushed photos. I wonder about the weight gain during pregnancy and how big a baby? It's women like that that give the rest of the real world a fitness/pregnancy tizzy. Who can measure up to that???

    Seriously, after my 3rd baby I wet my pants during exercise for two years....and I'd worked out with each pregnancy. No muscle memory for my bladder :) Hubby teased me that he'd plan our next vacation from the roadmap of stretch marks on my tummy. Decades later, who would want to see a 53 year old in a bikini anyway, lol?

    And yes, it's sooooo hard to travel with toddlers.

  13. I love me some Bathany girl! She is just as nurotic as I am which makes me feel good! Hope your hand is feeling better!


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