Traditional outfits

My husbands fabulous Aunt and Uncle came to visit for a month from Germany and they brought Miss Madison the cutest dirndl.

A dirndl is a traditional German dress and the silk part is like an apron over the dress.

So in honor of their first grandchild ( A GIRL!!) due next month I got them a 'traditional' American outfit...

I'm not sure if a tutu, blinged out shoes and a flower headband are traditional, but they sure are all the rage right now :)

I wish I could still put these on Miss Madison because they are just darling!

Here is the little sweetheart now playing her new favorite game, hide and seek.  Too bad she hasn't learned that she shouldn't hide when I'm sitting right there.


  1. Paul does the same thing behind the door! Can't believe how big Madison is, last time I saw her I think she was about 6 months old! I am gonna try to join you guys on an outing sometime, the Science Museum looked like fun...

  2. i can't wait to see her all dressed up in her new outfit!! and their grandbaby is going to be the most stylin' girl in germany!! that outfit is precious! the shoes are fabulous!!

  3. Very cool! What a great outfit for her to wear! She is going to love playing dress up in that...

  4. Too cute with the hide and seek.

    The dirndl is adorable. I worked in Frankenmuth, MI years ago which models itself after some town in Germany. I don't miss wearing the dirndls. I bet Madison will look so cute in it, us older people just look like Bavarian Dorks. I'll take a pretzel and beer from Germany though.

  5. What part of Germany? I am visiting friends (who are stationed at an airforce base) Aug 1-11! The outfit you got it ADORABLE! You have the best taste!

  6. Please please please give us a pic of Madison in the dirndl! I think that would be too cute!


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