Traditional outfits

My husbands fabulous Aunt and Uncle came to visit for a month from Germany and they brought Miss Madison the cutest dirndl.

A dirndl is a traditional German dress and the silk part is like an apron over the dress.

So in honor of their first grandchild ( A GIRL!!) due next month I got them a 'traditional' American outfit...

I'm not sure if a tutu, blinged out shoes and a flower headband are traditional, but they sure are all the rage right now :)

I wish I could still put these on Miss Madison because they are just darling!

Here is the little sweetheart now playing her new favorite game, hide and seek.  Too bad she hasn't learned that she shouldn't hide when I'm sitting right there.


I heart Craigslist.

This house may take up half my dining room, but

Miss Madison gave me her "ugly" smile...

and took her baby....

into their new digs, shut the door and played quietly for an hour. Bliss.


Vid's and an awesome giveaway!

Do you have a digital video camera? You know the cute little pocket size ones like the Coby Snapp? Well you need one to shoot cute videos like this to share with the world!

She's only a year old and chatting away on her own cell :) For your chance to win an awesome camera go to Texas Monkey!


Filler find!

There is a new blogger I'm totall diggin', Decorchick, and she posted this awesome list of ideas of fillers for apothecary jars.  Great inspiration! So while shopping the other day I saw these cute flower sponges half off at Bath and Body.

Totally perfect for a filler because in my experience these are not great for actual use in the shower. 

I probably shouldn't say I had this jar in a closet filled with Christmas stuff.  Total laziness!


I wish...

That my chubby belly looked this good in a bikini.

And it was cute when I made stank faces while eating...

You just wouldn't believe how many times a day I smother this cute face with kisses!!


A must see in Dallas!

I love living in Dallas!  Well, except for the heat and humidity that is.  I've lived here for 16ish years and I still find new places to shop, eat, and play all the time.  Last weekend my friend Andrea took me to the Pocket Sandwich Theater to see Dixie Swim Club.  Folks it was so good!   The theater is small and the food is decent, but the actors were great and it just a really fun experience.  They also do spoofs of different things and sell popcorn you can throw at the actors, I plan to take my hubs to one soon.  So if you live in Dallas head on down to Mockingbird Lane and see the show you won't be sorry.

In other news Miss Madi and I are really enjoying swim lessons.  We are blowing bubbles and kicking our feet, but tomorrow we put our face in the water so *fingers crossed* she is down with that!

We are taking lessons with her BFF Kaylee and boy do they love to hug and kiss each other.  I want to whip out my camera everytime they do it because it's so freaking adorable!!!

So do you see Miss Madi grabbing my booby?  The girl has this OBSESSION with pinching me and those are the most convenient place to do it, drives me C.R.A.Z.Y! Plus it really hurts :(  I almost want to make her wear mittens all day.


Sick baby girl

Poor Miss Madison is sick!  She caught her first bug which gave her a 102 fever and a nice rash all over her body.  Poor thing, but I have to say it's been nice having her want to go to bed at 6 everyday.  She's on the mend though and I'm sure will be back to her cute self by the weekend.  I've been busy while she sleeps....

I found these cute glass jars for like a buck at GW.

A little hemp and some stickers and I have a cute addition to my 'coffee station'! Y'all know I'm crazy about my coffee and the sugar isn't sugar it's Splenda which is SO MUCH cheaper when you buy it by the bag and not the packets.

Oh and I went a little crazy with the spray paint.  I turned this...

In to this...

People were asking me about my new knife set. Haha.  When I was outside painting it my husband said 'is that really necessary?' I'm like 'heck yeah it is!'.  Some day's I think he just doesn't get me at all :)


Hypnosis and DWA

This is my husband. Cute huh? Well not so much in this picture, he sorta looks like he has been drinking. He also has a fear of flying.  Yes he has flown before, but sometime after 9\11 (although he firmly believes that is not the reason) he developed the fear.  This causes us a great many issues because I'm not a road trip kinda girl. No thanks!  Out of love I have suffered in the car for 24 hours to drive to the beach, but now that we have a child that is never going to happen.
SO for Christmas his parents got him a session with a Hypnotherapist.  I thought this was a great idea because the fear is a irrational one, he KNOWS that it's safer to fly than drive, but can't stop the physical reaction his body has.  The therapist said when she said 'cruising altitude' his whole body shook!   He did try anti-anxiety meds from a Dr and they didn't work.  Well his session was today and it went really well!  It took 3 hours and the therapist (who is WONDERFUL!) told me he was really easy to 'put under'.  He is pumped to fly now to see if it works.  Now if only he wouldn't bark everytime I cough.....

In other news we went to visit the Dallas World Aquarium which has a rainforest in it. Very cool!


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