I'm sweating like a horse...

Ok, I'm so over it! Summer that is. It's like 104 today, ok ok like 94, but it's only MAY. Oh and the humidity....whew. I've had my hair in a pony for a month straight now!

I braved the heat to finish my project before the plants I bought died in the garage.

A super nice friend gave me these lovely planter boxes, but they needed a little fabulosity before I could put them out.

How cute is that? A little white and raspberry spray paint, some Begonia's, and 2 of those glass orb watering things. I am hoping these will help them live. I have a bad track record!

Don't they look just lovely by my mailbox?

See Miss Madi allllll the way in the back? This is what she was doing.  Oh and her saying mama. Finally!


  1. It looks so pretty, good job!!!

    And I know, it is so freakin' hot. We get the point already it's summer...now go back to a high of 75 pleasssse.

  2. It is SOOO hot!! Love the video of Madi, she is so cute! Still waiting for Paul to say mama...

  3. love the added fabulousity! :)

  4. Very cute! I may have beaten your track record...I bought a plant 2 weeks ago that is already dying! LOL! Sad, just sad!


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