Friday Fives

I'm feeling pretty awesome today.  I ROCKED my finals and no school for a month!  The pool is calling my name :)  Plus I burned over a 1,000 calories today at boot camp. Woo Hoo!

I'm participating in Friday Fives over at Just Me and My Life  go and check it out.  Today is 5 favorite photos and it was really hard to pick just 5, but I did it.

Our girls trip to Paris. Best vacation EVER. I would LOVE to go again!  I have to say Paris is so much more fun with a bunch of women.  See all the huge bags by our feet? We literally shopped 'til we dropped!

Having an afternoon drink in Brussels.  Yes, I always raise my pinky like that. :)

My wedding day.  I wish I could just wear my dress whenever I wanted!

Getting ready to go snorkeling in Jamaica on our honeymoon.

My hot husband looking very happy while we were at The Outer Bank in North Carolina.  Our favorite vacation spot, it's just a shame it's a 24 hour car ride there!


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Your wedding dress is gorgeous!!

  2. Oh how I miss the Outer Banks!! Living in Wilmington was the best!

  3. I agree,those ARE the best highlights! We need to go to Paris again! I want to SO MUCH! Mom

  4. Yay! Thank you for doing my Friday Fives! I love your pictures and wedding dress is AMAZING!! Love it

  5. Awe Paris with the girls....lets plan on that when they are older. My sister and I went and it is MAGICAL!

  6. Great pictures!

    Cute snorkeling picture!

    I love the Outer Banks too and wish it were closer!

  7. Aww a girls trip to Paris sounds fun! The wedding photo is beautiful!

  8. cute pics!! it makes me want to go to paris AND go try on wedding dresses!! happy friday doll!

  9. Love your photos. You two are such a beautiful couple.

  10. Your pictures make me want to go on vacation!

  11. Your wedding picture looks amazing!!!

  12. You looked SO pretty on your wedding day!!!! Congrats on having another semester under you belt!

  13. The Outer banks are beautiful but agree way too far! You should head to Perdido Key and the Fort Walton area! You will fall in love all over again! That is unless the oil spill ruins it for everybody. We are headed that way in two weeks! Just an 8 hr drive for us.


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