Fabric Flower Wreath

Don't let this super cute, doe-eyed, pouty lipped little cutie fool you.  She's most definitely an Aries....full of fire! She's fools people by smiling sweetly and waving hi and the SECOND we get home she turns in to this clingy, whiny, temper-tantrum throwing brat, but of course I still love her.

So are you ready to see my wreath?  Fine, fine I'll stop whining about my adorable baby.

I covered a wreath from the dollar store with burlap.

Leave your jammies on all day Sunday and sit around making flowers.  A good site to use for ideas is Tip Junkie she has a bunch of different ones all together.  I looked them over and just kinda winged it....that's how I roll.

Then make some more flowers, you should be on a roll now and they are getting done faster. 

Peel the crying baby from your legs, apparently this is how she rolls.

and make some more! OR you could be smarter than I was and dry fit them on the wreath to see how many you need. I made wayyyyy to much :) Whatever.

Go and hang it on your door and then decide it's too pretty to be outside.  Hmmmmm where to put it? I'm still undecided for now.

Ahhh nothing is better than a finished project!

Linking to Woo Hoo Wednesday over at Alway's Nesting!


  1. with your extra flowers you should make me one! MUAH! ♥ you!

  2. My daughter sounds a lot like yours, even down the the waving! She is totally sweet, quiet and well mannered in public and has everyone fooled into thinking she is like that 24/7.

    But as soon as we get home it is time to play, get into things, cry when she does not get her way and try to drive mommy nuts!

    I love the flower wreath idea, maybe I will try one someday. I love neat little crafty things. ;)

    I am following from Fanged Faerie Princess and love to read your blog. Feel free to follow me back, if you want to. If not that is fine also.

  3. that looks awesome! i'll have to add it to my crafty to-do list.

  4. Ha! Caroline is also an Aries..and you just described her! Funny.

    Cute wreath!

  5. That is absolutely adorable!!! I love it and the possibilities are endless, making flowers out of holiday fabric, yada yada. You should post this project next week to Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

  6. I love the flowers. The wreath looks great.

    I remember those days of a baby hanging on my leg:) He is now 16 yrs. old!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is just about the cutest wreath I've seen. When you get a chance swing by, I have a blog award for you. It'll be posted tomorrow (Sat.). Have a good weekend!

  8. Too cute! I just started making these flowers too and they are addictive!

  9. I'm so glad you linked this project to Woo Hoo! Wednesday. It's adorable!!

    I wish I had a baby hugging my knees *sigh* The days sometimes seem endless when they are in this "phase" but it passes so quickly. Next thing you know you will be broke from paying for her college and wishing she'd stop hugging your checkbook :)

  10. Loving it!! It's so awesome!


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