I'm sweating like a horse...

Ok, I'm so over it! Summer that is. It's like 104 today, ok ok like 94, but it's only MAY. Oh and the humidity....whew. I've had my hair in a pony for a month straight now!

I braved the heat to finish my project before the plants I bought died in the garage.

A super nice friend gave me these lovely planter boxes, but they needed a little fabulosity before I could put them out.

How cute is that? A little white and raspberry spray paint, some Begonia's, and 2 of those glass orb watering things. I am hoping these will help them live. I have a bad track record!

Don't they look just lovely by my mailbox?

See Miss Madi allllll the way in the back? This is what she was doing.  Oh and her saying mama. Finally!


1 year pictures

All these beautiful pictures are done by Heather King at the Dallas Arboretum.  Being that Miss Madi's birthday was on Easter Day and the family would be together (ie my brothers actually came over!) we snuck in some family photos.  We have not had a family photo since 1992ish!! Plus Heather is so amazing she actually made us look semi-cool! Trust me ~ my Mom and I spent a long while finding shirts for everyone to wear that matched, but were not matchy-matchy.  We are not THAT cool.

Oh and her fabulous cake is from Say it with Sugar in Wylie, TX.  If you live in the area go grab some of their cupcakes.  So delish!!


After I made Miss M wash my car I decided to reward her.

Took her on a picnic with her friend.

and to the petting Zoo to meet a goat. 

and to a water area with giant, SCARY, frogs.

She was hot and got over her fear.

tried to ride a baby deer statue.

I knelt down to take her picture and she tried to tackle me.

she gave me her stank face.

Guess it's nap time.


Just because

I know, you could just expire from this cuteness!


My Hydrangea's are looking just gorgeous!

Then and now

Daddy playing video games with Miss Madi in her Sleepy Wrap. About 3 weeks old.

Daddy STILL playing video games.

I guess men never change, but babies sure do.


Fabric Flower Wreath

Don't let this super cute, doe-eyed, pouty lipped little cutie fool you.  She's most definitely an Aries....full of fire! She's fools people by smiling sweetly and waving hi and the SECOND we get home she turns in to this clingy, whiny, temper-tantrum throwing brat, but of course I still love her.

So are you ready to see my wreath?  Fine, fine I'll stop whining about my adorable baby.

I covered a wreath from the dollar store with burlap.

Leave your jammies on all day Sunday and sit around making flowers.  A good site to use for ideas is Tip Junkie she has a bunch of different ones all together.  I looked them over and just kinda winged it....that's how I roll.

Then make some more flowers, you should be on a roll now and they are getting done faster. 

Peel the crying baby from your legs, apparently this is how she rolls.

and make some more! OR you could be smarter than I was and dry fit them on the wreath to see how many you need. I made wayyyyy to much :) Whatever.

Go and hang it on your door and then decide it's too pretty to be outside.  Hmmmmm where to put it? I'm still undecided for now.

Ahhh nothing is better than a finished project!

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Back to the crafting!

So now that school is out the crafting may commence!

I bought this lovely frame at Ikea MONTHS ago and have just been waiting for inspiration to strike. Just so happened that it struck with at one of my favorite stores Target.

This is liner for your cabinets isn’t it purttttty? Plus I love the texture of it!

I used rhinestone brads to hold the ribbon in place. Totally diggin’ it! Y’all know I love my bling!

In other news Miss Madison just cut three teeth AT THE SAME TIME. Joy. She seemed to back to her cute baby self today. Hooray for me :)

And no her ears are NOT pierced, they are stick-ons, my husband is against the idea. For now anyways, I’m workin’ on him!

We tried to stick flowers to her head because she refuses to wear her bows. Lasted ohhhhh about 5 minutes. Sigh.

I have another big project I’m working on that I can’t wait to show you guys! Loving summer break!

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Friday Fives

I'm feeling pretty awesome today.  I ROCKED my finals and no school for a month!  The pool is calling my name :)  Plus I burned over a 1,000 calories today at boot camp. Woo Hoo!

I'm participating in Friday Fives over at Just Me and My Life  go and check it out.  Today is 5 favorite photos and it was really hard to pick just 5, but I did it.

Our girls trip to Paris. Best vacation EVER. I would LOVE to go again!  I have to say Paris is so much more fun with a bunch of women.  See all the huge bags by our feet? We literally shopped 'til we dropped!

Having an afternoon drink in Brussels.  Yes, I always raise my pinky like that. :)

My wedding day.  I wish I could just wear my dress whenever I wanted!

Getting ready to go snorkeling in Jamaica on our honeymoon.

My hot husband looking very happy while we were at The Outer Bank in North Carolina.  Our favorite vacation spot, it's just a shame it's a 24 hour car ride there!


After a hard day at work I'm pretty sure the last thing you want is this 'thing' falling on your head as you open the garage door!

My poor husband thought it was fake and I was trying to scare him.  Until it fell off of his shoulders and hit the ground and started to attack him!

Trying to kill it with a bat. Men!

Got it! What a manly man.

Of course he wanted to measure it. Over 5 ft!

Well, better him than me!


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