Top 2 Tuesday

I'm feeling depressed from all the math homework I've been doing, so I decided to join a new party and have some fun before bedtime!
Check out
The Undomestic Momma for more party people.
My absolute favorite beauty product is with out a doubt is Big Sexy Hair ~ Root Pump Plus.  I have flat, boring, and did I say flat, hair!  I know many many girls are chained to their flat irons, but I want big beautiful sexy volume. This product helps get me there!

My second favorite product is actually new to me from an AWESOME friend who feeds my beauty product addiction. :) It's Too Faced~ Lash Light Mascara.  Sounds cheesy, but it has a light in the top that shines on your lashes and a mirror on the bottom so you don't have to bend over the entire sink counter and get your shirt wet!  Plus if the power goes out I can still rock some mascara. Just sayin'.

Miss M is ready for summer in her swimsuit.  I was nice and blew up a pool for her just in time for her to take a nap. It was a big pool.



  1. Ohhh I so want that mascara, too cool! What a cute little swimsuit Madison has!

  2. My dad is a hair rep and actually sells Sexy Hair products. I love their hairspray!

  3. I love Big Sexy Hair! and Ive heard so much about too faced mascara--Ive got to get some! That picture of Madison is too cute! Love the swim suit!

  4. I must try Big Sexy Hair! My hair has no volume whatsoever! Thanks!

  5. I use that root lifter and I love it!!

    Her little polka dot bathing suit is PRECIOUS!! SO cute!!!

  6. Now could that little polka dot swimsuit be any cuter?? After raising 3 daughters I can't believe I still love little girlie clothes. And now I'm lucky enough to have a granddaughter that has the cutest wardrobe.

  7. ohhhh i love her little bathing suit! the little ruffles on the byum is too cute! and i LOVE the polka dots!!

  8. Great tips! That lil swim suit is so stinkin cute! ( :

  9. Love that hair spray. Love the entire line. What a cute blog. I love little Madison's bathing suit. I have a Madison too.


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