Go outside and play!

When I was young, not THAT long ago, my favorite memories are of playing outside and riding my bike with my brothers and sister.  We stayed outside as long as we could, we did NOT sit in front of the TV or video games.

I have noticed in my neighborhood that most of the kids are never outside! Why?  We live outside of the city in a nice, quiet, no traffic neighborhood.  The houses are on 1 acre lots most with swing sets and yet I never see any kids on said swing sets!  I take Miss Madison outside every day to play even before she could even walk.  I want her to be active and enjoy the outdoors, so for her birthday I made sure Gammy knew what Miss M needed. Madi would point to it on the computer screen and we would email it to Gammy as a hint. :)

Grandparents are the best!

I didn't see this one online, but Gammy said she saw it at the toy store and knew she would need it! It's a water splashing table and, yes, she does love it.

This is a 'swing' set and climber from Little Tykes. Miss M is so helpful she would pick up parts and walk off with them.

Daddy got it all put together. Miss M mastered the climbing wall, of course, and I decided the swing sucked and she would outgrow it too soon.  Now we are 'debating' who's gonna take it apart so I can exchange it!  Daddy says it not going to be him! We shall see about that...

See there are perks for letting the kids out of the house to wear themselves out!


  1. We were always outside too! I had two brothers, so it always included things like making (and sinking) a homemade raft in the pond, playing Army, and generally being dirty.

    We try to keep Marcus outside as much as possible because he LOVES it! It's finally getting nice out here in Wisconsin - so Marcus is getting a LOT of outdoor time!

  2. Cameron loves the water and I totally want to get her one. I'm thinking of a water/sand table. I think it might last longer in terms of her wanting to play with it. I also want to get her this splash pool from One Step Ahead: http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=535639&cmSource=Search Doesn't it look awesome?

  3. My neighborhood is the same way - there are hardly ever kids outside anymore!! And it seems like the kids that are outside have their pants down to their knees and they walk up and down the street doing their white kid gangsta walk, showing off their "sweet new cell phone". Or maybe that's the norm these days?

    I just told my mom about a year ago that the summers I was 11-13 and I was home by myself, I used to sneak out & go up the block to a friend's house and play outside all day. I'd leave the front door unlocked, and if my mom called the hosue phone while I was gone, I'd tell her I had been in the shower or outside oiling my bike chain... :-)

  4. Oh, so cute on the play equipment. I totally agree that kids need outdoor, fresh air play time. My girls all used their imaginations and played, spending very little time in front of the TV.

    We live in a neighborhood filled with kids that love being outside when the weather is nice. My dog begs to be outside on the front porch to watch them play. It's so cute. There's nothing better than hearing children laughing and giggling. Those are the sounds of happiness.

  5. yes I know about couple other mom's dont like that "set" either.. I am told the swing is weird on it... and it just doesn't work well. But it's cute! I love that water table and I KNOW Adam would too! He LOVES water! hehehe... Madi is so cute! We like to go for walks everyday... except it's been raining here lately.. so we haven't had a walk since monday!

  6. Oh what fun I bet she has! I need to get one of those for mine. We go for walks in the wagon almost every evening and she plays outside everyday at daycare since I work full time but I agree, get outside and play!

  7. Miss Madison is going to have so much fun on that! You are a good mommy to take her outdoors and get her being active early!

  8. oh we are all about playing outside over here!!! if the sun is out, we're out! i love her new toys, she's going to have a blast! and 20 bucks says daddy took down the toy :) yay for grandma's!! baby girl looks adorable as always!

  9. I was always outside as a child too. Adventuring, daydreaming, playing. I hope I can pass some of this to my darling daughter.

    You are soooo lucky you have kind of life you have and your daughter is lucky as well to have you as a mommy. I would give anything to have a nice house with a 1 acre lot and a little playground for my baby!

    Still, we go to the park, go for walks and have a blast so I cannot complain too much.

    Anyway, beautiful baby and great blog!

  10. I totally agree with you that kids need to get out play. I spent so much time outside when I was you. Our girls play outside everyday and today we took them to two different parks to play! We have that water table and it is a huge hit at our house, we have had it since our oldest, who is 6, was 15 months old. We seriously need a new one now, 3 out of 4 kids have totally worn it out!


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