Cure for a bad day.

Yesterday was just NOT my day. Nothing went right. Ever have one of those?  Well, here is my cure.

Find a nice restaurant by the water. This one is great if you live in Dallas, check it out.

Invite the grandparents to entertain the baby.

Make your husband take a shower so he's pretty to look at.

Break your diet for Cold Stone Creamery's Flavor of the Month. sooooo good!

Funny story- we were walking by this restaurant and there was a guy playing music out front. Madison stopped and started dancing and the people there started egging her on.  She loved it and was giving them a little show. What am I going to do with this little girl?  Apparently she has no fear about being in front of a bunch of people. 

So that's my cure and I felt much better when I came home and went to bed.  Today is a new day!


  1. LOL, as soon as I saw this post title I knew there would be an adorable picture and I was right. Isn't that just the cutest. You should put out a tip hat and start her college fund now.

  2. omg! a little performer! that is hilarious. and i laughed about the part about making your husband shower!! :)

  3. It is good to treat yourself every once in awhile! We are mama's to 1 year olds, for goodness sakes! I am glad your day got better! Have a good week!

  4. Mmmm. Ice cream. Don't you find that even if there are others around the primary parenting (aka chasing) of the child ends up on the mother's shoulders? That was my frustration yesterday as my husband relaxed with friends and I ended up buring some major calories keeping Cameron out of trouble!

  5. I am sorry that you had a rough day but I am glad that you found a wonderful cure! How cute of your daughter to dance like that! My youngest tends to do that too, it is too cute!

  6. I had one of those days last week! Thank goodness they usually only last for one day! Next time, I think I need to take your advice.

    Grabbing your button...

  7. Ha! Paul did the same thing last Friday, stood right in front of the live band and danced for the crowd. What little hams we have!

  8. Madison is adorable. And I know that Grandma look. It is the same joyous one I have when I'm holding our Grands! Your diet must be working cuz your face looks really skinny in that diet-cheating photo.


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