Big plans this weekend!

Happy Weekend! I have no tests to study for this weekend so I've decided our kitchen needed a new color.  I decided to go brighter, but needed some help to reach the 8ft ceilings so I called my awesome brother Ben to come and help!  I told him there was NO way I could get above the cabinets so could he PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and do it for me.  He agreed because no boys can resist my charm :)  Oma also said she would come and help so hopefully it gets done fast because I'm not sure how long I can keep Miss Madi out of the kitchen.

We had a great Friday!
Breakfast as La Madeline.


Found a new park.

Met up with Aunt Katie by the lake for some lunch and shopping.

Well, I better go get prepped before all my help gets here!


  1. That little cutie is getting sooo big! I just love her facial expressions as she goes down the slide. I think you have an athlete in the making.

  2. What a great Friday you had! I haven't been to Le Madaline's yet but when my friend was visiting she said that they had a great breakfast.

  3. Aww! I love the picture with your baby sliding- she is so cute!

    Have fun painting. :)

  4. You look great btw...of course Ms. Madsion does too!

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