Shoe Parttttyyyyyy

Finally SPRING is here!! Well, I guess we still have 2 more days, but my feet couldn't wait for a spring pedicure. SO MUCH BETTER.
Pretty huh? These are my FAVORITE shoes, they combine my favorite things: zebra print, crowns, and rhinestones!

These are new from Target (my favorite store!) for 10 bucks! Deal!

Can you tell I love comfort? I love these because they remind me of my trip to Paris in the springtime. No vacation will ever compare!

Bought them, wore them once, not sure why I keep them. Cute, but impractical for my life!

My favorite winter flat because when I wear them with pants they make my feet look like cute presents!

Love 'em, but they require me to beg my husband to pull them off at night.

My most worn shoes. I work out 5 days a week so I get my money's worth out of them!

The 'shoes' I put on as soon as I get home everyday! They were a Christmas gift and I LOVE THEM!!

Big thank you to Beth at Stories of A to Z for hosting a wonderful party yet again!


  1. I am loving your zebra print shoes! I love love love zebra print! I have those same flip flops but in a shade of blue and black instead of white and black! Very cute stuff!

  2. your pink slippers are 'my kinda shoe'...lol


  3. I have the same version of those slippers but in the slip on kind! LOVE THEM!

  4. And I love ALL of your shoes, pink fuzzy comfies and all. Okay, you are the second one in the party to sport those adorable zebra flats and I hear them calling my name. Your boots are fab and I'm sure your husband doesn't mind one bit to help you out of them *wink, wink*. And I want a coi pond to take pics over. Is that what it is? How fabulous! Thanks for linking up :).

  5. Love your zebra print flats!! But what really caught my eye is that beautiful little girl with the pink flower in her hair!! I want one of those!!

    Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box - come again

  6. OMG - those flip flops are awesome. I need some!!!

    Cute shoes!


  7. Oh, what the heck, Megan, wear the boots to go shopping tomorrow just for fun, ok?!

  8. Oh honey- what a fabulous collection! I do agree that first pair is the trifecta of shoe perfection. Zebra, crown and rinestones...heck yah.

  9. HA! Those boots - I bet your husband doesn't want you to take them off!

    hello zebra flats. two peas in a pod, me & you!

  10. I LOVE your nail polish! And yes, the Hubs/begging/take them off...it can lead to things, no?

  11. Love the zebra flip flops with the blingy!

  12. You've got some really cute shoes! Love the flip flops.

  13. We have the same tennis shoes. I wear mine five days a week in my classroom. I teach kindergarten and it kills my feet to wear anything else because I am constantly moving. Your little girl Madison is absolutely precious!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I didn't feel like emailing, so I thought I'd leave your message here, I think you'd like this blog here

  15. Oh me loves the zebra print, and wow Target has cute stuff and great prices, I need to shope there more. Thanks for the tip. :)My husband's wallet really thanks you LOL

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm your newest follower!!!!

    Your little girl is SUPER adorable!


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