Reason 573,847

This is reason 573,847 why Miss Madison is just like her daddy.

She like to sleep buried in pillows. My husband must have at least 6 pillows and 2 blankets to sleep!

Not really happy I woke her up by taking her picture! Sorry honey your just too cute!


  1. hahahah! how cute! i love her "mad" face!

  2. I love the angry face! OMG sooo funny!

  3. I seriously love her wake up look. She is so CUTE! I wish I live closer ,me and my camera lens would be all over her!

  4. Oh, just look at that cute sleepy face!! Remember that look. You'll get the same one when she is 14 and doesn't want to get up for school :)

  5. LOL, this is precious, My monkey loves to sleep with toys and books, she'll have book impressions left on her face from where she slept on them all night, so weird. Maddison is just too cute.

  6. Oh, my gosh! That is hilarious!! lol. Your girl is too cute. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and leaving such sweet comments. :) I love connecting with other mommy bloggers.



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