It's my party and I'll cry if I want too........

Yeah I was really cute :)

Today is my 29th Birthday. It's my last year in my twenties....*sniff* They have been pretty much awesome and a ton of fun so I'm not ready to see them go just yet!

20- I met Oliver. Enough said.
23- We moved into our first house together. That was SO exciting!
24- He FINALLY bought me a nice big fat ring! Sometimes he needs a little nudging.
26- had a fabulous wedding! Thanks to my super wonderful Mom who planned the WHOLE thing.
27- Went to Paris with my Mom and some friends on a girls trip.  When I got back we decided to have a baby and got pregnant 2 months later.
28- became a Mom. Best thing ever.
29- It's my last year so I should do something big! Really I just want to take a great vacation with my family and get as much school done as I can.

I worked out TWICE yesterday for a total of 1150 calories just so I could eat this yummmmmmy cake Oma and Opa got for me! Hands off Oliver!

My super awesome (most of the time) husband brought me home flowers, chocolate, and a Diet Mt. Dew.  Yes, he knows me so well :) PLUS he came home early and is feeding and bathing the baby while I 'play on the computer' which is a luxury around her nowadays!


  1. Megan, honey, Happy Birthday!! That cake is beautiful. I can almost taste it.

    Don't fret over leaving your 20s. I promise the best is yet to be. Life is good at every age.

  2. Happy birthday!!! I still have a few years left in my twenties, and I look forward to enjoying them!

  3. Happy Birthday! I turn 29 in September and I am so dreading it. I am not ready for my 20's to be over. I guess we can't stop it can we!

    You were such a cutie as a baby! I see where you daughter got her cuteness!

  4. Aww sometimes they can be so sweet! Don't let it get to his head, lol.


  5. Happy birthday! Mine is in a few weeks...I could totally tell you are an aries too!

  6. Happy birthday! Mine is in two weeks...I totally knew you were an aries too!

  7. Happiest of Birthdays~!!
    enjoy every moment

  8. How was the cake? It looks fabulous! Keep us posted on what you plan to do for your big event! Another baby? :)


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