Before and halfway there

Hey y'all! Guess what???

I've lost 45 pounds!  I'm not quite back to pre preggo weight, but really who is?? Haha!
I'm working on it, trust me :)

I was trying to find some 'before' pictures, but I guess I was staying away from the front of the camera.  Duh.  These will suffice I suppose.
Well at least my hair looks good! Awww look how small Miss Madi was!

Yeah, so now on to the better pictures.  Well they would be better but when I asked my husband to take my picture he took the most UNFLATTERING picture ever. Men! These are the best I could get. I'm much hotter in person.

Not to forget my baby looking ready for Easter in her new dress.

Now on to the next 45!


It's my party and I'll cry if I want too........

Yeah I was really cute :)

Today is my 29th Birthday. It's my last year in my twenties....*sniff* They have been pretty much awesome and a ton of fun so I'm not ready to see them go just yet!

20- I met Oliver. Enough said.
23- We moved into our first house together. That was SO exciting!
24- He FINALLY bought me a nice big fat ring! Sometimes he needs a little nudging.
26- had a fabulous wedding! Thanks to my super wonderful Mom who planned the WHOLE thing.
27- Went to Paris with my Mom and some friends on a girls trip.  When I got back we decided to have a baby and got pregnant 2 months later.
28- became a Mom. Best thing ever.
29- It's my last year so I should do something big! Really I just want to take a great vacation with my family and get as much school done as I can.

I worked out TWICE yesterday for a total of 1150 calories just so I could eat this yummmmmmy cake Oma and Opa got for me! Hands off Oliver!

My super awesome (most of the time) husband brought me home flowers, chocolate, and a Diet Mt. Dew.  Yes, he knows me so well :) PLUS he came home early and is feeding and bathing the baby while I 'play on the computer' which is a luxury around her nowadays!


Shoe Parttttyyyyyy

Finally SPRING is here!! Well, I guess we still have 2 more days, but my feet couldn't wait for a spring pedicure. SO MUCH BETTER.
Pretty huh? These are my FAVORITE shoes, they combine my favorite things: zebra print, crowns, and rhinestones!

These are new from Target (my favorite store!) for 10 bucks! Deal!

Can you tell I love comfort? I love these because they remind me of my trip to Paris in the springtime. No vacation will ever compare!

Bought them, wore them once, not sure why I keep them. Cute, but impractical for my life!

My favorite winter flat because when I wear them with pants they make my feet look like cute presents!

Love 'em, but they require me to beg my husband to pull them off at night.

My most worn shoes. I work out 5 days a week so I get my money's worth out of them!

The 'shoes' I put on as soon as I get home everyday! They were a Christmas gift and I LOVE THEM!!

Big thank you to Beth at Stories of A to Z for hosting a wonderful party yet again!


Reason 573,847

This is reason 573,847 why Miss Madison is just like her daddy.

She like to sleep buried in pillows. My husband must have at least 6 pillows and 2 blankets to sleep!

Not really happy I woke her up by taking her picture! Sorry honey your just too cute!


I don't smell any roses.

Apparently you have to do more than give birth to join the Motherhood club.  They don't tell you about this when your deciding to have children.

Yeah. I had to use Q-tips to work out a poo poo for poor Miss Madison.  I felt so AWFUL for the poor baby, but I'm pretty sure I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. Ewww.

Please if you guys know of anymore FUN little introductions I will encounter let me know.   I need time to mentally prepare myself before another run in like this.

Don't let the little bunny suffer while I try to Google 'how to get poop out of a babies butt'.


Prefect Life Tuesday

It's that day again! Check out Jessica Turner for more on Project Life.

Sunday~ Playtime at the mall or it was until she found a milk carton under the bench and spilled it all over herself!

Monday~ A little fresh air and sunshine at least until she decided the only thing she wanted to do was to crawl down the driveway and into the street. Do you see a pattern here?

Monday ~ LOVES when Daddy comes home and rescues her from the bath I put her in so I could clean the bathroom!

Wednesday~ Miss Kitty up on the counter and Miss Madi yelling at her.  The poor cat just trying to get away from her!

Friday~ My sister Katie. She loves to take self portraits with any free camera, but they ain't all pretty!!



Miss Madison went to the zoo for the first time and LOVED it!  I was worried she was too young, but she had an absolute blast.  The Zoo is so much more fun with a kid!

My favorite ~ Flamingos!

Whatever this pretty bird thing was she loved 'em!

Made friends with Patty the Penguin.

Saw this...
then did this ...

Fed some pretty birds.

Took a turn in the play area.

Got pretty sleepy.

All around great day at the Zoo.


Day 1= Hungry.

I may be closer to 30 than 20 , but I still give in to peer pressure.  When a group of peps I know decided to do a cleanse I was like "NO-thank you!" because I am way to busy for seriously restricted eating.  Well I thought it over for a few weeks and decided to go ahead and do it.  It's only 10 days of my life, right?

So the one we are doing is the Advocare Herbal Cleanse and while the fiber drink tastes, umm yucky, it's actually not that bad.  The don't eat foods include:

~ sugar *I'm sooooo missing my weight watcher desserts*
~ caffeine *ohhhhhhh coffee I'm barely making it without you every morning*
~ Enriched flour *really not that bad because I mostly eat whole grain, but I was very surprised how many food have this in it*
~ no boxed or frozen food *yikes, no 'off' days where I'm too tired to cook!*
dairy *this is probably the hardest for me because cheese makes everything taste better*

Lots of veggies and fruit of course. I may have to scream if I eat another apple and I'm only on day 2!  I've been on a plateau for a few weeks with my weight loss and I'm hoping this will help. 

I've been considering dropping Weight Watchers because I'm just not sure that it's really helping me.  On average I lost less than 1 pound a week and is that really worth 40 bucks a month?  I get that it's about being held accountable by going and weighing in every week, but I'm extremely motivated on my own.  I eat right and exercise 5x a week and I'm determined to lose the weight, but I don't think the meetings are helping me.  I'm considering just doing an online tracker like spark people.  Anyone tried anything they like?

We are ready for SPRING!!!!!!!  Miss Madison and I are tired of the cold and rain!! We had a few nice days so we ran outside for a little sunshine.

I just noticed her cute baby belly hanging out in this picture.

Yep, I'm a little baby walker now!

The things Grandma does to calm a teething baby in a restaurant!


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