Project Life Tuesday

I'm joining Jessica over at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.  I did lose my camera AGAIN this
week so I'm short a few photos, but I have plenty of journaling to fill in. Miss Madison is full of
new tricks everyday!

Jan 31 sweet open mouth baby kisses.

Feb. 1st my little daredevil watching cartoons.

Feb. 2nd opening and closing my bedroom door on me. She thought it was soooo
funny when I would knock trying to get in!

Feb 5th. My husband though it was funny to feed her like a baby calf. Men!

Ok, next week my goal is to keep my camera on me at all times and not lose it ONCE!
To learn more about Project Life visit Becky Higgins.


  1. Oh, babies are just so much fun! Love all your photos. Your little sweetheart is so full of personality, even at this little age.

  2. Precious photos! Men can be so funny sometimes!

  3. Your girl is adorable!!! My daughter wont kiss us :( she is not a kisser!

  4. The bottle through the gate is hilarious! :P

  5. WE should work on your Project Life this Friday, don't you think? and finish up your curtains too!

  6. So sweet... just little glimpes into her life. I miss mine being little.

  7. Ahhh, cute pictures!!! Funny too~

  8. She is getting so big! When did our babies become toddlers??

  9. She is so cute! I love the one of you and her kissing, you should frame it!

  10. GREAT pictures!!! I love watching her grow :) It seems that her and Mason are a lot alike when it comes to their sense of humor; he too thinks it's hilarious to close the door on me and wait for me to ask to come in. Aren't they just the BEST?!!


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