Icky Friday

Yesterday was just icky. Cold, windy, and just enough rain to be annoying. Blah I'm ready for Spring already!!  So what to do on a icky day? Scrapbook!

Got all my Project Life goodies together.

Trying to figure out what to do with all the different cards. I'm the girl who hates to read directions I would rather just wing it.

Front page~ I'm loving all of the papers the colors and designs are so pretty!

One of the pages ~ this is a very easy and fast way to scrapbook without spending a small fortune on embellishments and papers!


Miss Madison's new favorite spot.  Every time I turn around she is going into the bathroom to empty this drawer.   On the upside she did find those bobby pins I was looking for.

For more on Project Life check out Becky Higgins.


  1. LOL, I hate directions also and it makes my hubby crazy.

    Love the baby pics. Isn't it amazing that no matter how much you spend on toys they love cabinets and drawers the best? Wait till she's walking and can carry around small handle shopping bags. Those make the best toys :)

  2. WOW! You are a super organized scarpbooker! I need to get back in the game as well. Loved the cover!

  3. Madison is the next wanna be beauty product collector!

  4. The last thing I would do on a rainy cold day! But to each his own! Haha! Good for you! I need to do this BAD!!!

  5. Impressed with your scrapbooking skills and diligence. I scrapped my baby for the first 4 months....he's 12 now, so I think it ain't gonna happen!

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  6. I love Madi in the drawer!! Sooo cute!!! Mason loves drawers too but he seems to be a fan of my tupperware...LOL!
    And can I just say, I'm SUPER jealous of your organization and scheduling skills....I need some tips!!

  7. Great idea about the scrapbooking. They are so cute & crafty but sometimes sooo expensive!


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