Free stuff!

Have ya'll done this yet?!?!?!  FREE PHOTO CANVAS!  If not, do it now because I just got mine in and it's BEAUTIFUL!  Plus who doesn't love free stuff!


  1. We got one of those done on our cruise for free and LOVE it. So fun!

  2. awe what a great photo of her! Free is always awesome!

  3. That baby is just too cute!!! What a wonderful photo and some day when she's all grown up and a mother herself, she can have that canvas out with her kids baby pics.

    Now, I know right now that seems like forever away, but the days and years pass so quickly

  4. Darling baby! Did the canvas come from canvaspeople? I got a free canvas through them. If you used someone different, I'd like to know who you used.
    I found you through Texas Blogging Gals and came by to say hello. Look forward to reading more about you. Come on by http://lonestarlifer.wordpress.com/ and say howdy.


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