Failed once and then again

Long long ago I was browsing though Home Depot and I came across this trim called Mirr Edge on clearance.  It's basically trim for those ugly standard bathroom mirrors in your house and I thought it was a great concept so I bought some!  I bought 4 packs of the strips and 4 corner plates and then it proceeded to sit in my garage for well over 6 months.

Well I thought yesterday seemed like a good day to break it out and try it.  I googled it a bit to see if anyone else in blogland had used it and came across the Shanty Girls and they made it look easy. Whew, I can do this no problem.

Not so much.

This is my beloved purple bathroom. Love the color hate the mirror!

Got all my stuff together.

Measured and cut like the directions said.

Realized the top of my mirror has those ugly plastic clips so I had to cut out a spot for them.  The trim cracked when I tried to do this. Ok, no sweat I just paint over it. Then when I cut the other side I cut it backwards. Yeah those 2 pieces in the pictures should not look the same. FAIL.

Then I started to get frustrated.  This ugly mirror will not get the best of me! So I decided to take it down all together and put up a different one.  I called in my hubs to help and when we took off the plastic clips we realized the mirror was GLUED TO THE WALL. I could have just taken them off and stuck on the trim!!!

Now I have this.

I'm going to move the mirror that's here in to the bathroom.  (on a sad note this is was my piano I decided to give it away to a good home because it takes up too much room.) I have to paint first, so I busted out the purple paint and I'm waiting for it to dry.

On to the next project! See I'm a optimist, one little set back won't get me down!
So I thought I would share a easy was to hang mirrors or pictures vertically.
You will need painters tape, a level, and of course your hooks and hammer.

Take your painters tape across the back of the mirror and put holes in the tape where the hangers are.

Place the tape on the wall where you want to hang your object.

Make sure it's level!

Hammer in your hooks.

Now all you should have to do is hang it! Well, this does work because I use it all the time, but yesterday was NOT my day.  I pick up the heavy mirror and it's crooked! I can't figure out what I did wrong, I call my hubs over to check with the level and it's level, so what's the darn problem??
The hanging hooks on the mirror are not on evenly. FAIL.

So after this mess Madison decided to help "mommy" in the kitchen.

I gave her "Big Kisses" and felt much better. On to the next project!!


  1. Great idea on how to hang pictures!

  2. I feel your pain :) The story of my life - try and try again.

    Love your little helper in the kitchen.

  3. Props to you and your fun home projects! I need to learn to be more DIY oriented.

  4. Hey! My dad owns a glass company here in Cali. That mirror edge is a temporary fix to hide the black edges of a mirror. That black is there because the silvering on the backside of the mirror (the protectant) is coming off due to extreme moisture (steamy showers). Have you looked into beveled mirror strips? They are also a temp fix, the silver will continue to go inward on the mirror. My suggestion: new mirror with beveled edges! Glamorous!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Looking forward to reading yours! Enjoy this cold rainy yucky weather today.

  6. thanks for stopping by. I was looking in to that mirredge stuff too. I hate the look of my mirrors, but they are plastered on to my walls and I can't get them off. I'm going to have to figure out something one of these days.


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