Icky Friday

Yesterday was just icky. Cold, windy, and just enough rain to be annoying. Blah I'm ready for Spring already!!  So what to do on a icky day? Scrapbook!

Got all my Project Life goodies together.

Trying to figure out what to do with all the different cards. I'm the girl who hates to read directions I would rather just wing it.

Front page~ I'm loving all of the papers the colors and designs are so pretty!

One of the pages ~ this is a very easy and fast way to scrapbook without spending a small fortune on embellishments and papers!


Miss Madison's new favorite spot.  Every time I turn around she is going into the bathroom to empty this drawer.   On the upside she did find those bobby pins I was looking for.

For more on Project Life check out Becky Higgins.


Project Life Tuesday

It's that day again, join us over at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

Feb. 15th  Miss Madison helping Daddy with the dishes.  Don't you just love his socks? hahaha

Feb. 16th. This would be the reason I can't get my Math homework done. She was trying to get the pencils through the glass.

Feb. 17th. Yes, this is the living room that has now been taken over by baby toys. *sigh* Never say "I won't be the Mom with toys all over the house!" trust me, it will come back to haunt you!

Feb. 19th. Bathtime with our cherry flavored Elmo soap which she did eat a fair amount of!

Feb. 20th. Miss Madi's first birthday party! Kaylee (far right) turned 1 and she celebrated with her and Astoria (middle), they are now known as the Baby Diva's. Plus Kaylee was walking and Madison took some 'real' steps by herself! (she learned how to crawl from Kaylee too!)  I don't *really* want her to walk, but then again I love seeing her do new things so it was pretty exciting!


Free stuff!

Have ya'll done this yet?!?!?!  FREE PHOTO CANVAS!  If not, do it now because I just got mine in and it's BEAUTIFUL!  Plus who doesn't love free stuff!


Get your face on!

I'm joining Beth over at The Stories of A to Z for a fix your mug  ummm I mean Get Your Face On February.  I'm sorry ya'll are gonna see me fugly in the morning! ha!

Ummm hi scary! yeah Oliver wakes up to this yumminess everyday!

MAC foundation I do love my Bare Minerals too, but mostly in the summertime.
My blush is Studio Gear, but I couldn't find the exact one online, it's a pretty pink with gold undertones.

Hi, my name is Megan and I'm a product junkie. This is just eyeshadow!

Ummm skincare....
Studio Gear eyeshadow is crystal taupe. BEAUTIFUL!
Stila Smudge Pot best eye liner ever! Stays all day (even after swimming) and can be used at night for a smoky eye.
Bourjois eyebrow mousse.
Ulta random light colored eye shadow

Such a big difference.

Just 2 colors plus a little liner and mascara.

Time for the hair!
Big Sexy Hair is a must have for some LIFT!
The right size round brush is really important too!

Looking better....

Ta-DA!!!!! Hottie alert! Just kidding....

This is what Miss Madison is doing while I get ready....begging to be picked up! Then down.....then up....you get the point.


Project Life Tuesday

It's that day again! Join us over at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.  If you want to join in on the fun check out Becky Higgins.

Sooooo are you guys just LOVING my new blog design?  I am and I owe it all to Tara from Princess in Pigtails Designs!  Please go on over and check her out because she is uber talented and freaking awesome like that!!

Now on with the show!

Feb 8th my little turkey playing hide and seek with her eyes closed!

Feb 10th check out her big girl carseat. Sad! She's not an infant anymore.

Feb. 11th STANDING on her own out in the snow.

Feb.12th helping Grandma sew Mommy some more new curtains.

Feb.13th going with Daddy to get some donughts for breakfast.


My Valentine

Happy Valentines weekend ya'll!  My sweet little valentine is one lucky girl, not only did she get a present in the mail, but she won a bow and a friend of mine made her some adorable vday pants!

Awww a Valentines gift for my sweetie from my Godmother, Kathy!

Such a adorable outfit!

Waving to all my readers! heyyyyyyyyyyyy! (we live in Texas so it's not Hi it's heyyyyyy with a drawl!)

How cute is this bow she won?? Make sure to check out Girls Giggles and Curls, she has some adorable bows and she just posted a Ladybug collection which I'm drooling over!

Now ya'll know I don't sew right? I know, I know! I need to learn, but in the meantime I will just beg my friend Andrea to do it for me.  She had mentioned to me that she made some valentines pants for her daughter and I immediately begged her to do some for Miss Madison! Are they not darling!

Well I guess that it's for today because Madison decided to go chase the cat. Poor Miss Kitty!


Project Life Tuesday

I'm joining Jessica over at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.  I did lose my camera AGAIN this
week so I'm short a few photos, but I have plenty of journaling to fill in. Miss Madison is full of
new tricks everyday!

Jan 31 sweet open mouth baby kisses.

Feb. 1st my little daredevil watching cartoons.

Feb. 2nd opening and closing my bedroom door on me. She thought it was soooo
funny when I would knock trying to get in!

Feb 5th. My husband though it was funny to feed her like a baby calf. Men!

Ok, next week my goal is to keep my camera on me at all times and not lose it ONCE!
To learn more about Project Life visit Becky Higgins.


Failed once and then again

Long long ago I was browsing though Home Depot and I came across this trim called Mirr Edge on clearance.  It's basically trim for those ugly standard bathroom mirrors in your house and I thought it was a great concept so I bought some!  I bought 4 packs of the strips and 4 corner plates and then it proceeded to sit in my garage for well over 6 months.

Well I thought yesterday seemed like a good day to break it out and try it.  I googled it a bit to see if anyone else in blogland had used it and came across the Shanty Girls and they made it look easy. Whew, I can do this no problem.

Not so much.

This is my beloved purple bathroom. Love the color hate the mirror!

Got all my stuff together.

Measured and cut like the directions said.

Realized the top of my mirror has those ugly plastic clips so I had to cut out a spot for them.  The trim cracked when I tried to do this. Ok, no sweat I just paint over it. Then when I cut the other side I cut it backwards. Yeah those 2 pieces in the pictures should not look the same. FAIL.

Then I started to get frustrated.  This ugly mirror will not get the best of me! So I decided to take it down all together and put up a different one.  I called in my hubs to help and when we took off the plastic clips we realized the mirror was GLUED TO THE WALL. I could have just taken them off and stuck on the trim!!!

Now I have this.

I'm going to move the mirror that's here in to the bathroom.  (on a sad note this is was my piano I decided to give it away to a good home because it takes up too much room.) I have to paint first, so I busted out the purple paint and I'm waiting for it to dry.

On to the next project! See I'm a optimist, one little set back won't get me down!
So I thought I would share a easy was to hang mirrors or pictures vertically.
You will need painters tape, a level, and of course your hooks and hammer.

Take your painters tape across the back of the mirror and put holes in the tape where the hangers are.

Place the tape on the wall where you want to hang your object.

Make sure it's level!

Hammer in your hooks.

Now all you should have to do is hang it! Well, this does work because I use it all the time, but yesterday was NOT my day.  I pick up the heavy mirror and it's crooked! I can't figure out what I did wrong, I call my hubs over to check with the level and it's level, so what's the darn problem??
The hanging hooks on the mirror are not on evenly. FAIL.

So after this mess Madison decided to help "mommy" in the kitchen.

I gave her "Big Kisses" and felt much better. On to the next project!!


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