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Sooooooooooooo I won a contest over at It ain't easy being cheesy. Yes, me because I'm totally awesome like that, plus it was a "who is the most fabulous" contest! Ok, Ok, it was a "who has the best Check Norris fun fact", but I'm sure it helped that I have a cute baby!  I happened to be cleaning yesterday, I know SHOCKER, and I came across a package INSIDE by the front door addressed to me.  Apparently my husband doesn't think it's important to come and find me and jump up and down and beg me to open it so we can see what's inside. That would be dumb. Whatever, loser!!


ps. do you know how HARD it is to take a picture blindfolded??? hard.

We have been thinking about adding a member to our small family.  A cute blonde....DOG! Well, I have been told that while I can take awesome care of a baby I'm not ready for a dog. SERIOUSLY. So, I decided to add my own member....

This is my new frog, yes she does have lashes, she is a DIVA! I plan to have her live in my purple bathroom and she may have more friends come to stay in the coming year.

It's been cold here in Texas, but I found this uber cute crocheted headband, so the cold weather can stay because I'm rocking this thing for at least a few months!  If you want to be cute too I saw some for sale online by google-ing it.

Last, but certainly not least is this freaking adorable picture of Miss Madison I took today.  She looks like a little snowbunny baby (who has hair). Awww I want to go wake her up and give her Big Kisses just looking at this! Sweetheart!

Thanks you Alicia for my awesome surprise, you made my day and for those that want to know my fact was
"Chuck Norris' belly button is a power outlet!"


  1. Lucky you! Don't you just love getting packages. It's like Christmas.

    You look very cute in the hat. You would definitely be a fashionista if you lived in Alaska.

  2. You have me smiling :) Thanks for the cute post.

  3. Isn't getting packages so fun, even if it's something you've bought, I love it! Cute stuff and adorable pics of your adorable baby girl. Aren't girls just so fun? :)

  4. Aren't packages the best? I currently have two little boys fighting over the computer to get a second glance at your gorgeous frog. It mut have been the eyelashes. They are in love with the pic of her :). Thanks for always leaving me the sweetest comments and so sorry I don't get over here to visit you more often!

  5. i had no idea you were so crafty and into glitter! we could have had all sorts of crafting adventures together had i known!!

  6. di...diana quintero from ulta =)

  7. OMG I want one of those sweet dream eye covers so bad. Dan refuses to turn off the television while we try to go to sleep and I stay awake for hours because of the light from the screen.


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