Life on a Saturday.

Pregnancy having a child has put holes in my brain! It's bad enough to lose crap, but I only seem to lose exspensive crap.  I lost my camera and my ipod over a week ago and somehow it ended up in the stroller in my trunk and it took me that long to go search my car because it's FREEZING cold here in Texas. Yes, COLD!  Gah and when I did find it I ended up losing my keys!!! Someone please tell me I will get my brain functioning again soon... Although the 3.4 pounds I lost last week can stay gone, Thanks!


Miss Madison and I being all cute together in our fur.

Braved the cold for a little sunshine.  She's not feelin' the mittens ya'll.

Came on in for a little chicken noodle soup.

Got bored with that so I threw some baby Cheeto's in a plastic bowl for some fun.

Bored with that too, hmmm maybe nap time?

Yeah right.

She's got that SASSINESS in her eye again. Where in the world did she get that??

Finally a little peace and quiet.


  1. OK, could that baby be any cuter? Love all the pictures. I think Madison is right up there in cuteness with my grandbabies :)

  2. It IS freezing in Dallas! I can't keep our house warm at all. You and Miss Madison were brave to venture out into the cold. She's such a cutie!

  3. well she may not like her mittens but i think they are adorable!!!

  4. Ilove this post! soo cute! Love love love all the photos! hehehe...
    she's soo cute!

    If I have a girl.. I totally want your handme downs! hehehe...

  5. Haha, I love the baby cheetos..that's what I call them too! The maple and cinnamon ones make Astoria smell yummy if you haven't tried them yet.

  6. My grammie heart melts every day I see Miss Madison! She's stolen my heart!

  7. Yea, on the weight loss! I feel the exact same way, I used to blame my forgetfulness on being preggo...well, what can I blame it on now? Ha Ha Hailey has the same bib. Great style ;)!

    8 teeth? Geez, I would wean too!

  8. i'm so with you on the forgetfulness! i'm totally the same way...still! and those pics are too dang cute! little miss presley hates her mittens too, but they're just so darn cute!

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  10. Cold in TX :) Try -30 in MN lol. I love the first picture of you two.Beautiful!!!! Also I see you got a gate! Hows that working out?

  11. Thanks! I have a Nikon D60 SLR. I'm probably going to put us in the poor house with all this camera equiptment I'm buying.

    Ethan serioulsy does the same thing when I walk away from the gate. I had to buy a gate extention so now its MUCH bigger and we can play comfortabley. It also makes him feellike he's less confinded.


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