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Hey all! Sorry I have been MIA school is taking up a lot of my time and Miss Madison is taking the rest. Even as I type this she is pulling on my shirt to be picked up, only to want to get down again. Math is KILLING me, seriously the equations are as long as my arm, and I won't tell you the stuff I had to Google~!

Any who....Miss M might look like her Daddy, but she get her personality from me....loud and impatient! She has 'found' her voice and uses it all.day.long. She constantly yells and waves to strangers so they will come up to her and exclaim over how cute she is and the girl EATS IT UP. She def loves to be the center of attention. Cute now, but probably not in a few years.


While in the process of writing this SHORT post this is what happened:

pulled out all her toys

knocked over a chair

crawled away like she didn't do it

picked up a empty bottle so I would feel guilty and go get her a full one.

Is it weird that I need a nap at 8am??


  1. At least she can hold her own bottle? I despair that I will be holding Cameron's sippy cup for her until she hits college...

  2. She's adorable! Love a busy baby. They are so entertaining :)

  3. There's the future Miss Megan! She's our sweetie pie!

  4. so funny! and that is sooo adam.. he loves to talk and he's getting really good at it. He says, Hi, YAY while clapping, love you, mama, dada, and mom.... he took his first step last weekend... he's into EVERYTHING... and today he ate a piece of dog food! LOL

  5. I keep playing the video for Hailey. Madison will "talk" than Haily will "talk." I have seen your video,like, 10 times now. Hilarious!

  6. I have played the video approx. 10 times now....Madison will "talk," then Hailey responds. Too cute!

  7. Oh wow! Looks like you have your hands full some days...she is so adorable though I bet its all worth it. At least you have school to take a little break or you time (if you can really consider huge math equations a break...)

  8. i just LOVE this age!! they are seriously so much fun! and she is so dang cute....i wish her and little miss presley could play! let me know when you get your box lady, it went out later than i had hoped....i told you, i suck at sending things!

  9. I played that clip of Madison and Ethan screamed the same way..too flippin funny!

  10. She is just precious. I bet people tell her all the time how cute she is without her waving them over.

    I know how you feel in regards to math. I am the WORST. I really think I have some sort of block in my brain when it comes to math. I needed to take a math course this semester but I just couldn’t do it….I keep putting it off. So where are you taking classes at? I’m at UNT in Denton. If all goes well I have 3 semesters left (fingers crossed). I’ve been in school for so long it’s hard to visualize myself graduating. What are you majoring in?

    I didn’t make it to Canton. I was super close to going yesterday but I opted to stay home and be lazy. Post some pics of what you bought......I would love to see.


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