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Sooooooooooooo I won a contest over at It ain't easy being cheesy. Yes, me because I'm totally awesome like that, plus it was a "who is the most fabulous" contest! Ok, Ok, it was a "who has the best Check Norris fun fact", but I'm sure it helped that I have a cute baby!  I happened to be cleaning yesterday, I know SHOCKER, and I came across a package INSIDE by the front door addressed to me.  Apparently my husband doesn't think it's important to come and find me and jump up and down and beg me to open it so we can see what's inside. That would be dumb. Whatever, loser!!


ps. do you know how HARD it is to take a picture blindfolded??? hard.

We have been thinking about adding a member to our small family.  A cute blonde....DOG! Well, I have been told that while I can take awesome care of a baby I'm not ready for a dog. SERIOUSLY. So, I decided to add my own member....

This is my new frog, yes she does have lashes, she is a DIVA! I plan to have her live in my purple bathroom and she may have more friends come to stay in the coming year.

It's been cold here in Texas, but I found this uber cute crocheted headband, so the cold weather can stay because I'm rocking this thing for at least a few months!  If you want to be cute too I saw some for sale online by google-ing it.

Last, but certainly not least is this freaking adorable picture of Miss Madison I took today.  She looks like a little snowbunny baby (who has hair). Awww I want to go wake her up and give her Big Kisses just looking at this! Sweetheart!

Thanks you Alicia for my awesome surprise, you made my day and for those that want to know my fact was
"Chuck Norris' belly button is a power outlet!"


Use your indoor voice

Hey all! Sorry I have been MIA school is taking up a lot of my time and Miss Madison is taking the rest. Even as I type this she is pulling on my shirt to be picked up, only to want to get down again. Math is KILLING me, seriously the equations are as long as my arm, and I won't tell you the stuff I had to Google~!

Any who....Miss M might look like her Daddy, but she get her personality from me....loud and impatient! She has 'found' her voice and uses it all.day.long. She constantly yells and waves to strangers so they will come up to her and exclaim over how cute she is and the girl EATS IT UP. She def loves to be the center of attention. Cute now, but probably not in a few years.


While in the process of writing this SHORT post this is what happened:

pulled out all her toys

knocked over a chair

crawled away like she didn't do it

picked up a empty bottle so I would feel guilty and go get her a full one.

Is it weird that I need a nap at 8am??


To Aunt Katie

How fast things change around here.  It seems like yesterday I was just posting this ditty about Miss Madison.  Now look where we are!

She can pick her own bows out.

But would rather NOT wear them!

She can pull her own reading material off the bookshelf (hopefully she was reading the napping section, little brat!)

And  picks out her own jammies at night (and usually a few more things out of the drawer too!)

p.s. This post is dedicated to Aunt Katie who is very upset when I do a blog posting without any pictures of Miss Madison. Even if this is what happens when she babysits my darling child..........


window "treatment"

I've seen decorated windows selling for 65 dollars or more and would never pay that because I was sure I could do it myself!  I found this window for 8 bucks at a flea market and it even had a turquoise color on the frame.

I priced chandelier decals on line and they were ranging from 40-60 bucks! Too much.  I found this decal at my favorite store Hobby Lobby (half off!) for 10 bucks!

Pretty but missing something.....hmmmm how about some RHINESTONES??

I hung it on the wall above my tub and I LOVE it!  I need to hang it with out the picture wire because I'm bothered that it shows, but that's all I had to work with at the time.  It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful and make me happy!!

Not to bad for under 20 bucks!!

I'm linking up to My Backyard Eden.  Be sure to go check out the rest of the awesome projects!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Also linking up to Creations by Kara, go check out her super adorable baby blanket!

Creations by Kara


Project Life and some ramblings

Totally made my day when I opened up blogger and the first blog I checked, It's Not Easy being Cheesy, picked me to win a surprise! Score!  Love love love her blog she is freaking hilarious, go check her out!

Remember when I told you about my Mom giving presents two weeks late?  Yeah, so true to form she pulled out a present for Miss Madison from the back of her closet.  From Gymboree no less!! Love ya Mommy!

Anyways, I also was bestowed a late gift, but in her defense she ordered it late, well actually she came across it in a blog and decided I needed it.  She's cool like that, she thinks I need it and she buys it for me.  Love my Mom!

So, it's Project Life and honestly I have NO clue how to use it yet.  The Psycho Dog almost had it for dinner because he will eat AN.Y.THING.  Yes that does include needles, poison, glass ornaments, and baby bottles.  The binder and papers are beautiful and I'm excited to get started because we all know how much I love to take pictures of Miss Madison!  So stay tuned for more info on it!

For those of you who don't know me I am planning on going back to school next week. Yikes.  I put off all my math and science classes and apparently I can run, but I can't hide.  I'm a good student, but we shall see how good I am at studying with a crazy-stuck-to-my-booty beautiful baby girl. hmmmmm.  I've come to the conclusion that Miss Madison is not meant to be an only child, the girl CAN NOT entertain herself for even 30 seconds.

Weight loss this weeks sucks.  I have gained 2 pounds since I quit breastfeeding last week and I know EXACTLY where each pound is- in my poor boobies!  I was told to use cabbage leaves on them, but I feel absolutely re-donk-u-lous walking around with produce in my bra. Sexy.  In an effort to make myself feel better about this set back I've worked out everyday this week, but you try running with watermelons on your chest and tell me how it goes! Blah.  I'm a trooper and I'm still going to go weigh in tomorrow at WW even though I hate bad news and would rather just skip.  Good with the Bad and all......

I have a TON of projects sitting around waiting to be finished and blogged.  Hopefully I can get some done this weekend, but I'm going to a Pajama Party, sooooo maybe not.... Never turn down some girl time away from your clingy lovely child. 


p.s this post would have had some photos if someone *cough*MOM*cough* had sent me my photos, but the CROSSOVER EVENT is about to come on and I luuuuuuurve me some Mc Dreamy!!!!!!


Life on a Saturday.

Pregnancy having a child has put holes in my brain! It's bad enough to lose crap, but I only seem to lose exspensive crap.  I lost my camera and my ipod over a week ago and somehow it ended up in the stroller in my trunk and it took me that long to go search my car because it's FREEZING cold here in Texas. Yes, COLD!  Gah and when I did find it I ended up losing my keys!!! Someone please tell me I will get my brain functioning again soon... Although the 3.4 pounds I lost last week can stay gone, Thanks!


Miss Madison and I being all cute together in our fur.

Braved the cold for a little sunshine.  She's not feelin' the mittens ya'll.

Came on in for a little chicken noodle soup.

Got bored with that so I threw some baby Cheeto's in a plastic bowl for some fun.

Bored with that too, hmmm maybe nap time?

Yeah right.

She's got that SASSINESS in her eye again. Where in the world did she get that??

Finally a little peace and quiet.


Do you like my yoga pants?

I have a confession to make, I put on my pj's as soon as I get home everyday.  I have a huge pile of yoga pants and tshirts that I live in on a daily basis.  My husband gets annoyed when we come home and I will not do a thing until I have changed my clothes.  It's not that I don't want to look nice I would just rather be comfy.

So one day I'm sitting at home watching Oprah, yes in my yoga pants and tshirt, and she's talking about the most comfortable jeans on the market.  She love the jeans by Cookie Johnson

but at almost 200 bucks a pop these are wayyyy out of my (actually my husbands) price range. I would probably pay that for some uber comfortable clothes.


She also recommened the Comfort Fit by Lee and I found them at Kohl's for less than 30 bucks.

Ladies these pants are sooooooooooooooo darn comfy! I l.o.v.e them! I may never wear my yoga pants again and look like I actually gave a hoot when I get dressed in the morning.  I really have no idea what they did to them, but you can tell as soon as you try them on! Plus they make my booty look awesome......or as awesome as it's capable of looking.


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