Is it wrong to tell your child to "fetch"?

When I was just a cute little baby I gazed at my mother and uttered my first words. Shoe. It's been downhill ever since, I love shoes and in true Mommy fashion I would like to pass that love down to my daughter. So to Stride Rite we went to have Miss Madison fitted for her first pair of shoes!

It's a beautiful day to shop.

Miss Madi told Oma, "I want these!"

The nice sales lady (is that what they are called?) measured both feet. Size 3 for both, good to know her feet match I was worried. :)

Do you see the way she is intently staring at the shoe? That, my bloggy friends, is true love.
Big THANK YOU to my wonderful Mother-in-law, Oma, for her first pair of shoes!

PS Gymboree is having a FANTASTIC sale! I got some leopard leggings for 4 bucks!! Well, I also go a bunch more, but soooo cheap!! Go. Now.


  1. awww... Adam still fits into a pair of his size 1 shoes!!!! but they were big to begin with!! Love the fetch.. and yes.... prolly something wrong with the game... but I wont tell! LOL

  2. victory! shoes AND gymboree, now that's a good day!!! and she looks adorable of course!! give her a little squeeze for me :)

  3. We LOVE stride right! My 2nd daughters feet were SO fat we could never find shoes to fit her right when she was walking, so we took her there and sure enough they had the perfect shoes for her!
    Great pictures! And, sadly, we've sometimes told our girls to fetch =-)

  4. look at her go!!!! that is so cute!! what a smartie pants :)

  5. look at her go!!!! that is so cute!! what a smartie pants :)


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