Frayed Rosettes

Fabric flowers are everywhere right now. Headbands, shirts, and necklaces are sporting them.  This is a easy, fast, and NO SEW way to make them.  I used a thin fabric I found at the thrift store, but any fabric that frays and is lightweight would work.

First, I ripped my fabric into 1 inch strips.  Vary the length to make different size flowers.

Next fold it in half and tie a knot on the end, this will be the center of the flower.

Get your hot glue gun ready and starting in the middle twist and wrap the fabric.  Tip* place the glue towards the bottom so it doesn't show!

Now you KNOW I had to add some bling because everything is better with a little glam.  I also attached a pin to the back and here is a TIP* place the pin at the top of the flower so it doesn't droop when you pin it on.

Cute?? I plan on stealing my Mom's scrap fabric and trying some other flower techniques so stay tuned!


  1. so cute...i will have to try that. i made some with felt but i like the frayed look:-)

  2. LOVE them!!! you inspire to me more crafty! just made my first wreath. i wanted to do that black crow wreath you did but i was too late. maybe next year! :)

  3. holy crap you're amazing!! that looks so cute! and SO simple!!

  4. So freaking creative. I wish I had a better fabric store close to us rather than Wally World. Hmm, I think I need to bust out my sewing machine and get a fix in.

  5. I did some last night!! It was fun, I will soon post to show what I did. I will definitely be linking you as my inspiration. Thank you.


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