So, maybe some of you are wondering where the heck I am! I haven't posted in over a week. Sorry!! I've been a little busy with a certain someone as you can see...


It's a FURRY? Christmas!!

There are so many great wreath to make for Christmas, but as soon as I saw this one I knew I had found the one for me!  So all you need is 1\2 yard of LONG haired white fur (Hancock Fabrics 6 bucks) a wreath (floral section of Hobby Lobby half off 3 bucks) and a glue gun.

Now the directions I saw are different than what I did, so whatever works for you, go for it!  I stood the wreath up in the middle of the fabric and hot glued it while I rolled it down the middle.

See? Next I tucked in one side then flipped it over and pulled the other side around  and hot glued it. Easy! I had NO mess to clean up- yay!

Fluff it up and you can even use some hairspray to keep it looking funky.

Now say it with me "add ya some bling!"

Done! Merry Furry Christmas to me!

Awww poor Madi took a nice hard nap while I did this! Can you see the sleep line on her face?


Easy Christmas Decor

Start with 2 (or even 3) glass plates and something to connect them.  I used a glass candle holder from Hob Lob and Gorilla Glue.  The plates were $1 each at the thrift store.

Next spray paint them your color of choice, I used silver metallic spray paint.  Make sure you don't do it at night because it might suddenly DOWN POUR on you, like it did me. 

Next try to get the cutest baby ever to stop crawling under the table.

Now get ya some bling!!

Add some pink glittered ornaments (hmmm I think I need another pack....darn I will have to go back to  HomeGoods...) and your done. Easy. 

I'm working on another FABULOUS Christmas item....it involves FUR! Hopefully, baby permitting, I can finish it tomorrow.


Frayed Rosettes

Fabric flowers are everywhere right now. Headbands, shirts, and necklaces are sporting them.  This is a easy, fast, and NO SEW way to make them.  I used a thin fabric I found at the thrift store, but any fabric that frays and is lightweight would work.

First, I ripped my fabric into 1 inch strips.  Vary the length to make different size flowers.

Next fold it in half and tie a knot on the end, this will be the center of the flower.

Get your hot glue gun ready and starting in the middle twist and wrap the fabric.  Tip* place the glue towards the bottom so it doesn't show!

Now you KNOW I had to add some bling because everything is better with a little glam.  I also attached a pin to the back and here is a TIP* place the pin at the top of the flower so it doesn't droop when you pin it on.

Cute?? I plan on stealing my Mom's scrap fabric and trying some other flower techniques so stay tuned!


Memories for a lifetime

It was so hard to pick my favortie out of 600 pics!  These are a few and I promise not to bore ya'll with more *I'm keeping the Christmas one a secret until we get cards made to send out!* If you live in the Dallas area please check out Heather.  I can't say enough how amazing, patient, and talented she is!! I feel pictures are so important in a persons life because memories fade, but pictures are forever.  She captured Miss Madisons fun personality and expressions in a way I will remember forever.


blah to bling

Start with some cute rub-ons.

Add some glass jars from a thrift store.

Add some stick on bling.

Ta-da! Easy cute bathroom decor! I think I may fill the tall one with bubble bath....

It's not all fun and prettiness here at my house today.....Miss Madison is refusing to nap and has taken to standing and stomping in her crib. She's still pretty darn cute though!

Hope your day is going better than hers!


Madison met her first celebrity!

Tweety Bird!

Geoffery! (I'll admit last year I had no idea who this was....)


It's that time......

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit already? I am! Head on over to Mrs Southernbelle and sign up for this fantastic swap.  Are you a crafter or a shopper?? No worries they will match you up with your own kind. Fa La La- lalalala


Is it wrong to tell your child to "fetch"?

When I was just a cute little baby I gazed at my mother and uttered my first words. Shoe. It's been downhill ever since, I love shoes and in true Mommy fashion I would like to pass that love down to my daughter. So to Stride Rite we went to have Miss Madison fitted for her first pair of shoes!

It's a beautiful day to shop.

Miss Madi told Oma, "I want these!"

The nice sales lady (is that what they are called?) measured both feet. Size 3 for both, good to know her feet match I was worried. :)

Do you see the way she is intently staring at the shoe? That, my bloggy friends, is true love.
Big THANK YOU to my wonderful Mother-in-law, Oma, for her first pair of shoes!

PS Gymboree is having a FANTASTIC sale! I got some leopard leggings for 4 bucks!! Well, I also go a bunch more, but soooo cheap!! Go. Now.

What a beautiful sun shiny day!

The rain has stopped here in Dallas!  The sun came out and warmed us up.  A great day for the park and it wouldn't be complete if Miss Madison didn't taste the grass. I'm thinking she didn't like it.


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