She work's hard for her money....

I'm still working on my list! I had to bribe my Mom with a cassarole for dinner. I cooked while she sewed.

I took a before photo, but somehow it was too dark and when I downloaded the photo's it was too late to take another one. Oops.  I hung them higher on the wall because we have 8 ft ceilings and I wanted them to be more of an impact. What do you think? Cute?  I am so in love with the color and I have always wanted silk dupioni drapes. *sigh* they just make my little heart flutter. I bought them at Pottery Barn Outlet and got a nice deal. I just added a little fabric to the bottom and now they are just right!!

Here's a little extra Halloween treat for you! I polka dotted a white carveable pumpkin from Michael's and made a cute Boo sign for my kitchen.  I really want to try painting a pumpkin with mirror like spray paint.  Maybe after Miss Madi wakes from her nap a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway. Winner will be annouced tomorrow!!


  1. I love the curtains! I think it would be pretty to take some of the extra fabric from the bottom and make a band to go around the middle and then put a vintage rhinestone big jewel in the middle of it! Oh, yeah, Mommy rockS!

  2. oo fancy curtains!!! WOW!!! you go girl. I should do your challenge too!

  3. oh those curtains look great! good job mama!! and i am SO jealous you have a hobby lobby....we don't have those in CA...lame!

  4. Good work!! That must feel good to have those hanging.


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