Pretty plates

I love this idea, but you would not believe how hard it is to find the exactly the right plates. They have to be the right shape, size, color, and pattern! That's a tall order.

I saw these plate disc hangers online and thought they were brilliant! Plates are so much prettier on a wall when they hang alone and not held up with ugly metal hardware sticking out. I happened to come across them at Hobby Lobby in the picture hanging section. Yay! It takes me forever to order things online so they never get done. They are really easy to use and they will not mess up the backs of your plates at all!! The adhesive will dissolve is hot water.

So for now I hung 2 pretty plates in a cute frame I found at a yard sale (for 5 bucks!). I though it got lost a little on the was and then I remembered my laser cut metal delicious sign. I think it's cute! I will still be looking for more cute plates to add, but for now I'm lovin' it.


  1. Great idea. You would love this shop in Fort Worth. http://www.dishesfromthepast.com/

    I will have to send you a pic of my framed fabric swatches. Similar in that it is big impact for not much money, if you get free frames.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the plates inside the frame. I might copy that idea. Love it.

  3. ohhh that looks so cute!! i have an empty frame hanging in presleys room, i bet dishes would look super cute!

  4. I like that! Plates on the wall rock. :)


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