Who's cuter?

Hi Friends!! Happy Fall! Although it really doesn't feel like fall here in Texas and the leaves are still green and not pretty and fallish. Is that a word?? No? Well it is now! This is a picture of ME when I was about 6 months old. How cute am I?

This is Miss Madison at 5 months. She is sitting up so well already and was just happy to get her picture taken! Do you think we look alike? Every tells me she looks like my Hubs, but I think she looks like me!

We had a family photo taken too. Awwww. Don't forget to sign up for the Halloween Bow!http://http//missmadisonscharmedlife.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-1st-giveaway.html


  1. I love your family photo! so cute!!!! and... I think maddi is more of a chub than you were as a baby.... but I can see the resemblence!

  2. Her face is rounder but I think she has your eyes, nose, and mouth. Joe looks like me as a baby, but everyone thinks he looks just like his daddy. They all have such round faces right now, because they are so cute and chubby.

  3. awwww i totally think she's a good mix! i can see the resemblance to you as a baby, but also to your hubs....either way she is ADORABLE!!!

  4. uggh she is SOOOOOO adorable, it kills me! you better come over tomorrow!! its not fair to put up that pic of her and not let me kiss her!! so i will see you 9am sharp!! :)

    <33 Aunt Katiie!


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