Halloween Wreath

I wanted to make a fall wreath for my front door and I love the look of the Crow Wreath. It was so easy and cheap to make! I needed a foam circle, but they were 12 dollars (and not on sale!) at Hob Lob. I found this straw one wrapped in plastic for 4 bucks. Much better!

A little hot glue and 3 black boa's (in the Halloween section and half off!) wrapped around.

I love it and my Husband actually said he liked it too and most of the time he doesn't say anything.  See my pumpkin? I painted it with a metallic glaze and it gives it a little glitz and glam! So cute!!  I know I have it on a pink heart table, but I have to keep my pink out front no matter the season. :)

On a side note Hubs took Miss Madison last night so I could see a movie. We saw The Invention of Lying and I would not recommend it, it sucked.  I love Jennifer Garner, but this was just a bad movie.  Anywho I came home and this is how he puts her to bed. Where are her pj's? Why isn't she in her crib?


  1. well at least he put her to sleep! I left to do crafts at church.. and for 2 hours.. all he did was FEED HIM!! over 10 oz on boob juice..... UGH I could have killed him!

  2. awww that picture is sooo cute! and i LOVE that wreath! seriously i want to make one!!

  3. Gorgeous! I love feathers- they can become so addicting. :)

    That's how my dad put all of us to sleep...I guess it worked!

  4. Hi Megan. I love your feather wreath and metallic pumpkin. They are so cute. I am sending you an email with information about the resale store that I bought my chair at. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  5. So fancy !!! I love the wreath..I'm going to copy you and dedicate it to you lol. I'll take a picture of it so you can see it :)


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