Halloween Party Part 2

They party was great! Good food, babies in costume, and friends make for a wonderful day.

Miss Madison in her cupcake costume Gammy made.  I made sure no one lit the candle on her head!

We even had a surprise guest show up!! Tigger (aka my sister Katie)

Later Miss Madison changed into her trick or treating outfit and we handed out candy to all the cute kids in costume.

Happy Halloween from me and my sweetie!!  Hope yours was as wonderful as ours.


  1. all your pictures are so sweet! Look at our little sweetie pie!

  2. awww!! her cupcake costume is adorable!!!

  3. Omg she is so sweet just like the cupcake. I love the kitty costume as well. I can't wait to have a little girl someday!

  4. Do you make the headbands??? I just saw Alicia's post and headed over to stock you( I mean say hello) I must know!! So cute!!

  5. Oh so cute! I love it when babies have costume changes. When my guys were still babies I had several costumes for them too :). Looks like a good time was had by all.


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