Halloween Party Part 1

It's Miss Madison's first Halloween!  To celebrate I am throwing a Babies First Halloween Party for my B.Y.O.B Mommies Group (that's bring your own baby NOT beer you lushes!).  I spent my day Friday baking and decorating with my Mom and it's so cute, I can't wait.  I found this awesome recipe for Halloween cupcakes here.

First you mix up white cake mix, divide, and (use Wiltons!) make one orange and one yellow.

Buy some cute cupcake liners (these are from Crate and Barrel) and scoop in some yellow.

Next lay the orange, just a note, don't fill too full they puff up quite a bit!

Don't forget your super cute apron from Target, it distracts people from looking at your messy hair that's in a ponytail!

Add frosting and a candycorn and your all done! Look how cute the inside is!

Ohhhh don't forget to taste test......

Nothing was left untouched by us crafty momma's! This is a 2 liter coke bottle we wrapped with scrapbook paper, tagged, and ribboned.  Let the fun begin!


  1. Super cute! I love making themed holiday food and love crafts. I just dont seem to have enough time for them so I'll jusy keep looking at yours lol. BTW your very photogenic, HOT MAMMA!!!!

    Do you use cloth diapers on Madison? If so will you stop by my blog and let me know what you think?

  2. Oh, it's so bright yellow and orange, have a great party, Miss Madison! Love, Grammie

  3. My hubby and I didn't want to take Hailey in and out of the carseat to show family and friends her costume so we also threw "Baby's First Halloween Party" too. It was a big hit! So glad we did that. Great minds think alike! ;)


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