DIY photo frame

This is an easy and simple project! I picked up all these supplies on a whim while doing my dreaded grocery shopping at my least favorite store.....Wal-Mart.  The frame was on clearance for 3 bucks and the rest I got in the, limited, craft section.

I think this is a great frame for only 8 bucks!  I plan to make some Holiday inspired ones so check back for more.


  1. I love it, Megan! Look at you gettin' your craft on!

  2. it's cute!! what an idea for Christmas!!! hmm... photos of cute baby.... NICE!

  3. Such a terrific idea! I am all inspired now. Unlike you, I really need NO pressuring to embark on a trip to my SuperWalmart. Now I am even more excited for my next trip!

  4. Well, aren't you crafty!

  5. Love that!! Thanks for stopping by!! New follower!


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