1 down 9 to go

When I was pregnant my Mom had this great idea to paint a small crib for my baby shower so we could put the presents in it. Easy right??  NO! I was 8 months preggo out on the driveway sanding, and sanding, and sanding for DAYS! My neighbor even came over because he felt bad for me and brought me his electric sander. It was awful and I swore I would never paint a piece of furniture again.

Well, never say never. We have this ugly light colored media center that I have hated since, well, my Husband went shopping and bought it without my input.

I decided I wanted to paint it and did a little research first. I was AB-SO-LOUTELY not going to sand this puppy! I bought a adhesive primer in grey from Sherwin Williams and a nice black paint. 1 coat of primer and 2 of the black and it looks so much better.

Actually the hard part was disconnecting the 45 different recievers and rehooking them up RIGHT. I had to bribe my Hubs with donuts (so not Weight Watcher friendly). Your probably wondering where the heck is MIss Madison during all of this??? Here she is!

Just staring at how pretty she is in the mirror.  She is so my child.

Check out the rest of my list here and check back for more updates!!


  1. it looks great! and she is so cute!! i love her expression!

  2. That looks really great! I am impressed by your list and hope you get it all finished!

  3. I hate sanding. That should be a designated "man job". I bribe my Dad to do it...when my mom isn't. :)


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