Halloween Party Part 2

They party was great! Good food, babies in costume, and friends make for a wonderful day.

Miss Madison in her cupcake costume Gammy made.  I made sure no one lit the candle on her head!

We even had a surprise guest show up!! Tigger (aka my sister Katie)

Later Miss Madison changed into her trick or treating outfit and we handed out candy to all the cute kids in costume.

Happy Halloween from me and my sweetie!!  Hope yours was as wonderful as ours.

Halloween Party Part 1

It's Miss Madison's first Halloween!  To celebrate I am throwing a Babies First Halloween Party for my B.Y.O.B Mommies Group (that's bring your own baby NOT beer you lushes!).  I spent my day Friday baking and decorating with my Mom and it's so cute, I can't wait.  I found this awesome recipe for Halloween cupcakes here.

First you mix up white cake mix, divide, and (use Wiltons!) make one orange and one yellow.

Buy some cute cupcake liners (these are from Crate and Barrel) and scoop in some yellow.

Next lay the orange, just a note, don't fill too full they puff up quite a bit!

Don't forget your super cute apron from Target, it distracts people from looking at your messy hair that's in a ponytail!

Add frosting and a candycorn and your all done! Look how cute the inside is!

Ohhhh don't forget to taste test......

Nothing was left untouched by us crafty momma's! This is a 2 liter coke bottle we wrapped with scrapbook paper, tagged, and ribboned.  Let the fun begin!


I'm at it again

A trip to Hobby Lobby for some great 50% off deals led to another cute frame.  I needed wanted some great frames because of all the cute 6 month pictures we had taken of Miss Madison. ( wait until you see them sooooo darling!!)

Here is Miss Madison hanging out while I craft with my Mom.


Pretty plates

I love this idea, but you would not believe how hard it is to find the exactly the right plates. They have to be the right shape, size, color, and pattern! That's a tall order.

I saw these plate disc hangers online and thought they were brilliant! Plates are so much prettier on a wall when they hang alone and not held up with ugly metal hardware sticking out. I happened to come across them at Hobby Lobby in the picture hanging section. Yay! It takes me forever to order things online so they never get done. They are really easy to use and they will not mess up the backs of your plates at all!! The adhesive will dissolve is hot water.

So for now I hung 2 pretty plates in a cute frame I found at a yard sale (for 5 bucks!). I though it got lost a little on the was and then I remembered my laser cut metal delicious sign. I think it's cute! I will still be looking for more cute plates to add, but for now I'm lovin' it.


Another first

Miss Madisons first time on the swings. Don't you want to squeeze her cheeks and kiss her??


DIY photo frame

This is an easy and simple project! I picked up all these supplies on a whim while doing my dreaded grocery shopping at my least favorite store.....Wal-Mart.  The frame was on clearance for 3 bucks and the rest I got in the, limited, craft section.

I think this is a great frame for only 8 bucks!  I plan to make some Holiday inspired ones so check back for more.


Who does she love more??

Love the photos?? Check out http://www.rollip.com/ to make your own.

Scarf Swap

I joined a Scarf Swap over at katieballa and my partner was Hilary.  I loved the scarf it's perfect and look how great I look in it!!  Thanks Hilary!

Miss Madi wanted to have her picture taken too!  Actually she is staring at Miss Kitty and 'yelling' at her, but she looks cute huh??


True Scaredy Cat

This is Sadie, our cat.  Her real name is Miss Kitty Buttlicker. She was rescued from a gas station as a kitten, by my sister Katie.  She was our 'child' and then we had Miss Madison and poor Miss Kitty was demoted to house pet.  Don't feel too bad for her I give her lots of tuna to make up for it and she is a big fatty now!  She is a true scaredy cat because she is scared of the fake cat and mouse I put on my back door.  I have no doubt she will be sniffing around that door all night.


Halloween Wreath

I wanted to make a fall wreath for my front door and I love the look of the Crow Wreath. It was so easy and cheap to make! I needed a foam circle, but they were 12 dollars (and not on sale!) at Hob Lob. I found this straw one wrapped in plastic for 4 bucks. Much better!

A little hot glue and 3 black boa's (in the Halloween section and half off!) wrapped around.

I love it and my Husband actually said he liked it too and most of the time he doesn't say anything.  See my pumpkin? I painted it with a metallic glaze and it gives it a little glitz and glam! So cute!!  I know I have it on a pink heart table, but I have to keep my pink out front no matter the season. :)

On a side note Hubs took Miss Madison last night so I could see a movie. We saw The Invention of Lying and I would not recommend it, it sucked.  I love Jennifer Garner, but this was just a bad movie.  Anywho I came home and this is how he puts her to bed. Where are her pj's? Why isn't she in her crib?



And............the winner is Alicia at It ain't Easy being Cheesy.  Congrats! I'll be sending you an email so I can send your bow. 


She work's hard for her money....

I'm still working on my list! I had to bribe my Mom with a cassarole for dinner. I cooked while she sewed.

I took a before photo, but somehow it was too dark and when I downloaded the photo's it was too late to take another one. Oops.  I hung them higher on the wall because we have 8 ft ceilings and I wanted them to be more of an impact. What do you think? Cute?  I am so in love with the color and I have always wanted silk dupioni drapes. *sigh* they just make my little heart flutter. I bought them at Pottery Barn Outlet and got a nice deal. I just added a little fabric to the bottom and now they are just right!!

Here's a little extra Halloween treat for you! I polka dotted a white carveable pumpkin from Michael's and made a cute Boo sign for my kitchen.  I really want to try painting a pumpkin with mirror like spray paint.  Maybe after Miss Madi wakes from her nap a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway. Winner will be annouced tomorrow!!


1 down 9 to go

When I was pregnant my Mom had this great idea to paint a small crib for my baby shower so we could put the presents in it. Easy right??  NO! I was 8 months preggo out on the driveway sanding, and sanding, and sanding for DAYS! My neighbor even came over because he felt bad for me and brought me his electric sander. It was awful and I swore I would never paint a piece of furniture again.

Well, never say never. We have this ugly light colored media center that I have hated since, well, my Husband went shopping and bought it without my input.

I decided I wanted to paint it and did a little research first. I was AB-SO-LOUTELY not going to sand this puppy! I bought a adhesive primer in grey from Sherwin Williams and a nice black paint. 1 coat of primer and 2 of the black and it looks so much better.

Actually the hard part was disconnecting the 45 different recievers and rehooking them up RIGHT. I had to bribe my Hubs with donuts (so not Weight Watcher friendly). Your probably wondering where the heck is MIss Madison during all of this??? Here she is!

Just staring at how pretty she is in the mirror.  She is so my child.

Check out the rest of my list here and check back for more updates!!



Do you have decorating ADD? I do. That's why I joined the party over at The Shabby Chic Cottage to finish 10 projects in 10 days. I consider myself organized, but I have MANY unfinished projects scattered around the house.

  1. bring in the media center I painted (uhhh 2 weeks ago!)
  2. hang my hooks in the bathroom so my towels are NOT on the floor
  3. touchup the paint in the bathroom (I made Hubs recaulk it all)
  4. harrass my Mom to finish my curtains so I can re-hang them
  5. clean and organize my side of the garage and put up a table for my projects
  6. paint the red plant stand things black to match my living room
  7. frame my Chanel picture from Paris (yeah I went in April of 08!)
  8. clean out the guest bedroom and closet
  9. clean off the front porch and hang a fall wreath
  10. make a fall wreath!


Who's cuter?

Hi Friends!! Happy Fall! Although it really doesn't feel like fall here in Texas and the leaves are still green and not pretty and fallish. Is that a word?? No? Well it is now! This is a picture of ME when I was about 6 months old. How cute am I?

This is Miss Madison at 5 months. She is sitting up so well already and was just happy to get her picture taken! Do you think we look alike? Every tells me she looks like my Hubs, but I think she looks like me!

We had a family photo taken too. Awwww. Don't forget to sign up for the Halloween Bow!http://http//missmadisonscharmedlife.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-1st-giveaway.html


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