Miss Madison is a rockstar down deep.  She get's that from her Daddy who is super-under-cover-gay because of his love for Design Star and Project Runway.  Oh, let's not forget his new favorite Rachel Zoe. He does think he could be Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild, but I'm pretty sure that's a front considering the fact that he NEVER BEEN CAMPING. Seriously, NEVER.
Yes, she even plays in her new glasses. How cute are her eyes??
So in my quest to try new things I have talked my Hubs into letting me paint the entertainment center we have. I'm pretty sure he only said yes so I would quit complaining for him to buy a new one because the one we have is U.G.L.Y.  If the rain would quit I could get started, but no such luck so hopefully Saturday I can get it done.  I really hope it goes well or it will be super ugly instead of just ugly.
I'm also doing my first swap at katieballa.blogspot.com.  Check it out you have a few days left to sign up!  I'm so excited I love a pretty scarf!


  1. Those glasses are too funny! I'm signed up..saw it on your site and thought it would be fun!

  2. She is rocking those glasses.

    So does that mean that your husband has you record those episodes or makes you turn to them when they're on? I have to record them so that I can watch them during afternoon naps :) Too funny!


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