Nothing New

Not much to say today. Here is Miss Madison and I out to lunch at The Chocolate Angel Tearoom.  Lauren told me about this tearoom and I had to check it out. Soooooo good! Best tearoom in Dallas by far.  We are getting ready for our trip to Colorado, we leave on Saturday.  I'm praying she doesn't scream on the plane! please please please...........


  1. Take a bottle even if you don't bottle feed. The sucking helps relieve the pressure in their ears. And don't worry, enen the stodgiest looking businessman will be patient with a cutie-pie like Madison.

  2. plan on doing lots of nursing, during take off and landing...

    You have to show me how to make your banner at the top of your page! :D

  3. We missed you guys today! Flying with a baby isn't that bad. Like Krystal said - NURSE NURSE NURSE! The white noise and vibration will help her fall asleep and stay asleep.


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