Balloon Festival on a hot and humid day in Texas

Miss Madi is ready for some fun!

Madison and Astoria born a day apart from the same doctor!  It's such a small world they were meant to be friends.

Kaylee and Madi playing together.  I was hoping she would teach Madi how to scoot around!

Daddy holding a tired baby.

How cute are all the Dad's!

Peanut is looking tired too.


  1. that's really cute, Megan. I love the frames around the pictures, are they in Digital Imaging too? Mom

  2. oh my word!! first of all, i love the photos...the borders and editing are fabulous...LOVE! but those hair bows....OH MY WORD!! love it!! presley doesn't leave the house without some form of decor attached to her pretty little hair!!! and is it weird that presley has a blanket just like the one in your video below? i'll have to show you a picture!!


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