My 1st Giveaway!

Happy Halloween! Well, almost anyways. I've decided what better item to use for my 1st giveaway than this adorable Halloween baby bow! You will be able to sign up between now and October 9th. To enter just leave a comment with your email address and GOOD LUCK!


I'm such a LOSER.

For those of you who don't know this lovely key chain is a 10. As in 10%. As in I LOST 10% of my body weight this week! I'm down 25.5 pounds! To celebrate, because you know I always have to reward myself, I got a cute pair of dark wash jeans for fall. In a size smaller!!!

Are they not cute! I'm such a good Mom that I got Miss Madi a little something too.

It's a pink cupcake dress and her first pair of tights! Her chubby little legs are going to look adorable in these! The only problem is (not really for me, but for my Hubs) is that I have DISCOVERED Gymboree. Ahhhhh it's heaven for little girls. Monkey's, Cupcakes, and Polka dots everywhere!! So darling. I could have spent hours picking out new outfits for her! I did limit myself to 1 outfit. SUCH WILLPOWER.


Babies will eat anything!

How can you NOT love this baby? She cracks me up!!


Balloon Festival on a hot and humid day in Texas

Miss Madi is ready for some fun!

Madison and Astoria born a day apart from the same doctor!  It's such a small world they were meant to be friends.

Kaylee and Madi playing together.  I was hoping she would teach Madi how to scoot around!

Daddy holding a tired baby.

How cute are all the Dad's!

Peanut is looking tired too.



Miss Madison is a rockstar down deep.  She get's that from her Daddy who is super-under-cover-gay because of his love for Design Star and Project Runway.  Oh, let's not forget his new favorite Rachel Zoe. He does think he could be Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild, but I'm pretty sure that's a front considering the fact that he NEVER BEEN CAMPING. Seriously, NEVER.
Yes, she even plays in her new glasses. How cute are her eyes??
So in my quest to try new things I have talked my Hubs into letting me paint the entertainment center we have. I'm pretty sure he only said yes so I would quit complaining for him to buy a new one because the one we have is U.G.L.Y.  If the rain would quit I could get started, but no such luck so hopefully Saturday I can get it done.  I really hope it goes well or it will be super ugly instead of just ugly.
I'm also doing my first swap at katieballa.blogspot.com.  Check it out you have a few days left to sign up!  I'm so excited I love a pretty scarf!


Last post for vacation...I promise!

Taking a 'walk' by the falls.

Watching the water fall.

How cute are her feet?!?

Rifle Falls, CO


Prettiest girl in the whole wide world..

I made up this song to sing to Miss Madi. She smiles through her tears when she hears it, needless to say we sing it a LOT. I have everyone in my family singing it because it will make her stop crying. Uncle Daniel got smart and recorded himself singing it so he could just play it back to her. Smart boy.


Like a limp rag doll

I have seen people do this on TV and it looks easy. What a crock. I am posting the video of Aunt Katie because mine was wayyyyy to embarassing! I barely got on, then proceeded to fall off on the first turn. I guess I can share the picture of Aunt Katie laughing her ass off and not even helping me up.

Makings of a great day.

2 blocks. That how long the Hot Springs pool was.  It has a funky
smell from the sulfur in the deep end.  The temp in the big pool was 94* and the temp in the therapeutic pool was 104*.  While I was relaxing in the water I thought the mountains looked like a fake backdrop in the back.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL.
A great pool day is not complete with out a huge ice cream cone.
A great book to read and don't forget an awesome Mother-in-Law to watch your 5 month old baby girl.


Rafting pictures for your enjoyment.

Starting point on the Colorado River.
Me, Katie, and Mom.
Katie, she's finally 21!
Oliver and I.
Daniel, Katie, Mom, Oliver, and Me.

Oh, to be 21 again....

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie!
For Aunt Katie's 21st birthday we took her whitewater rafting on the Colorado River. We seriously conspired to push her in for a swim, but the water temperature was 55 degrees. Chilllllllly! We had a blast and I took pictures with a waterproof camera so when I get home I will get those scanned in and share them with you.


Grand Mesa, CO

This is the beautiful Grand Mesa. I was terrified driving up the mountain! Seriously, put up some guard rails. You drive right by a huge drop off and apparently I'm old now becuase I was soooo scared.
Oliver, Miss Madison and me.
Mommy and me.
My brother and sister. I do have another brother, Benjamin, but he didn't want to come on our awesome family vacation.
You have to really careful not to hit the deer, they are everywhere.  This was this morning on the way to the coffe shop, Blink. Isn't that a cute name?


Who stole my cry baby?

We made it to Colorado!! Miss Madison was soooo freaking good, people actually complimented me on how great she was on the plane. Colorado is beautiful, the mountains and the crisp air. We had lunch at a cute cafe in downtown Grand Junction and my brother, Daniel, and sister, Katie, were interviewed by channel 5. You can watch it here


Trust me this is payback.

Nothing New

Not much to say today. Here is Miss Madison and I out to lunch at The Chocolate Angel Tearoom.  Lauren told me about this tearoom and I had to check it out. Soooooo good! Best tearoom in Dallas by far.  We are getting ready for our trip to Colorado, we leave on Saturday.  I'm praying she doesn't scream on the plane! please please please...........


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