Yummy! Wednesday's are good days. Miss Madison goes to stay with Oma and Opa.


I go to weight watchers with my Mom. I lost again today! I'm now done 16.2 pounds. Whew! Also my father-in-law (Opa) makes me some of his wonderfully delicous food. I love this because 1) I don't have to cook and 2) it's always something I would never be able to make. I should take Miss Madi over everyday just to get some more good food!!! On a sad note, my ice cream sucks. Bad. Never buy ice cream with 5 grams of fiber in it. It's just unnatural.


  1. Did you save me a taste? And I don't mean the ice cream with fiber, YUCK!

  2. Congrats to you! I'm starting back on WW in September. We'll have to share tips!

  3. Oh man am I ubber jealous! :) Not only does your LO go to their grandparents every Wed but you lost weight - CONGRATS! I know it's not easy so keep up the good work!


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