You have to try this!

I am in love again with chocolate cake! Or maybe I should say it's back in love with me. I found a ww friendly recipe here, but made a change to the toppings. Instead of just cool whip I added in softened light cream cheese and 2 packets of splenda. I DIED! (Yes, I just finished watching Rachel Zoe.) I used the moist deluxe mix. I couldn't believe how good it was! I made the mistake of making it at my mom's house and then Dad came home and ate it all. Sad.

Here is Miss Madison today at the mall. She was so happy because I let her wear her new outfit even though she hasn't poo'd in a day or two. Good news is she held it in until we got home and the outfit is still good to go!! I never thought I would be dressing my daughter around her poop schedule.

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  1. That is an adorable outfit!!! I need to get Kaylee some new outfits. I am getting bored with all of her old ones.


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