Who needs a man? Not ME!

After asking my husband for the hundredth no thousandth OK millionth time to put Miss Madison's highchair together, I just did it myself. It's so cute! It's now official~ I don't need a man. I really only keep him around to do chores like this anyways.


  1. You STINKER!! You DID the strike out thingie and the fonts too! Is it easy to do the fonts?

  2. The site looks great!

    You are going to love having that high chair for while you cook and clean in the kitchen.

    I know I have been enjoying having a safe place to put Joe.

  3. I put mine together too...while I was 9 months pregnant! No man needed here either :)

  4. I love that HC! That's the one I've been looking for but I can't find it in any stores. Where'd you find yours?

  5. Awesome!!! The HC is so cute and Madison looks more than ready to use it :) I put all Mason's stuff together too, high chair, stroller, swing, everything. Not so much the my husband doesn't but more that he doesn't read the directions....no "extra" parts are supposed to be left when putting baby stuff together! Men...gotta love 'em!

  6. lol I used to not need my dh either, then we had the kids (though I put together every single piece of baby junk we have, by myself and pregnant). Now I need his paycheck. And his help with opening jars lol.


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