What do YOU do all day?

I'll admit it. I watch WAY too much TV. I blame Miss Madison~ I spent hours and hours sitting on my butt watching TV while nursing. I have seriously seen every episode of every decent sitcom out there. I heart reality TV.

Helllllloooo Housewives! I love them all Atlanta, Orange County, New Jersey, and what about Dallas! We are the home of hot women and big hair we need our own show!

This one is a new show and sure to be on my DVR every week. Police Women of Broward County. I (and Oliver!) love to watch dumb criminals getting chased and tasered. I really can't explain it, but it's really very entertaining.

What are some of your favorite shows??

Here is Miss Madison's 4 month picture. Only 2 weeks late!

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  1. I HATE those 'Real Housewives' shows. Those women are trashy.


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