Shopping on a budget

Babies are expensive. Toys for babies are so outrageous that even I am amazed. This spoken from a spoiled little princess who never does without~ according to my hubs. My new role as a stay-at-home Mom, a.k.a living on one income, has driven me to cut coupons and shop on a budget. It's really not as depressing as I thought it would be. I feel proud when I get something for a great deal or buy groceries on a dime.

I wouldn't say that I'm great at saving money yet, but I do think about what I spend more now than I did before. For example while we were shopping in Plano yesterday we had lunch at this great tearoom that also carries some OMG cute baby items. There was this beautiful brown hat with ribbons and flowers that looked fabulous on Miss Madi, but it was......$27 dollars! For a hat! Come on, I wouldn't even spend that on a hat for me! So back on the shelf it went. Such will power.

Yesterday was the Divine Consign event in Plano and we decided to check it out. Honestly Miss Madison probably doesn't really NEED anything, but I wanted to see what kind of deals they had. I was happily surprised, they had some good stuff there. I picked up some warm clothing for our trip to Colorado, some toys for Grandma's house, and this AWESOME mobile for her crib! I will definitely be going again next year and I will never pay full price for baby stuff again.


  1. I am glad you found some great deals. I wish I could have gone, but I couldn't leave work until 7:45pm. Work sucks. Kaylee still needs a highchair. I guess I will have to go find one somewhere else. I am thinking about a playdate at my house soon!

  2. I love consignment stores for kids. My girls grow so fast and they are at that age when brand names means something to their peers so we frequently buy their jeans at a local consignment. Never fails that my oldest will end up with at least $5 in one of the pockets, so it pays for itself lol.

  3. I got Peanut a gazillion toys! I even picked up some older toys for Christmas presents since we'll be paying a mortgage by then and have no money. I got a portable swing for when we travel or go to the grandparents' houses too. Oh, and some baby proofing stuff because that shit is expensive!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! and...that headband on miss madison...oh.my.god!!! i can not even stand how cute ! lovelovelove it! adorable!

  5. Glad y'all had fun.. Mr Weiland has his 6m Dr apt that day. Hope to you you ladies this week.


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