Pillow talk

I have heard that after having a baby couples lose the ability to talk about anything else. Baby this and baby that. For me this is not the case. I have been blessed with a husband who is entertaining to say the least. Usually it's after a few beers, but the other night was an exception.

Miss Madison went to bed in her own crib (yay!) and we retired to our bedroom to watch some tv (no really) and sleep. Hubs is doing his nightly routine, which is wayyyy longer than mine, and starts to tell me a story about his day. Now usually it's borrrring and I have a hard time following what he is telling me because honestly I have NO clue what he does. I do the smile and nod, but this time was different.

He's telling me about his co-workers bathroom habits. For real. One guy pulls up his shirt to his man boobies when he goes. (Hubs was kind enough to act this all out for me for emphasis) Another guy is so large he, according to my hubby, can't reach it and sits down to go. One guy is a "talker" and likes to trap someone in a conversation at the urinal and last but not least is the shy guy who can't go if someone is beside him. He pretends to go and does the whole 'shake off', but it's apparent he didn't because you can hear it. So now we all know the bathroom habits of my hubby's co-workers. Maybe we should read a book together and discuss it at bedtime......


  1. lol I wish we had pillow talk, especially talk that is amusing like strangers bathroom habits. Cute story.

  2. Funny story!! It's just what you wanted to know about his co-workers, right?!? LOL Sounds like a story my husband would tell me!!

  3. omg that is HILARIOUS! and i LOVE the part about your "nod and smile" at the usual work stories.....i'm very familiar with that motion!! :)

  4. Why do men think we care about the toilet habits of strangers? That's pretty funny though.


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